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Museum Collection coming from Topps


Each box of the 2020 Topps Museum Collection release contains one Autograph Relic Card, one on-card Autographed Card, one Quad Relic Card and one Relic Card. The guaranteed case hits include one Museum Collection Framed Autograph Card and one Jumbo Relic Autograph Card.


The 100-card Base Set showcases the top names in baseball past and present with parallels numbered to 150 (Sapphire), 99 (Amethyst), 50 (Ruby), and 1-of-1 (Emerald) with Copper unlimited. Canvas Collection Originals and Canvas Collection Shaped Sketch Cards, featuring original and unique artwork, are both numbered 1-of-1. The Canvas Collection Originals Player Autographs are hand-drawn art of players on cards alongside the player autograph and are numbered 1-of-1.

Up to 100 players put pen to card on the Archival Autographs, numbered to 299 or less. Parallels are numbered to 50 (Copper), 25 (Gold) and 1-of-1 (Emerald). High-action imagery of some of the best names in baseball are highlighted in Superstar Showpieces with on-card autographs numbered to 25. Dual On-Card Autographs are numbered 15 or less. Triple On-Card Autographs are numbered to 5. A staple in Museum Collection, the Museum Framed Autographs feature on-card autographs and a metallic frame found one per case; they are numbered to 15 (Silver Frame), 10 (Gold Frame), 5 (Black Frame) and 1-of-1 (Wood Frame).


In Autograph Relics, over 25 MLB stalwarts are featured with on-card autographs and jumbo game-used patch pieces in Museum Framed Autograph Patch Cards. Up to 15 dynamic pairings with on-card autographs and jumbo game-used patch pieces are in Museum Framed Dual Autograph Patch Book Cards. These are 1-of-1. Over 60 cards with jumbo patch pieces and autographs numbered to 15 or less make up Momentous Material Jumbo Patch Autographs, with parallels numbered to 5 (Gold), and 1-of-1 (Emerald).


Also in Autograph Relics are Momentous Material Dual Jumbo Patch Autograph Book Cards (up to 30 pairings, numbered to 5 with a 1-of-1 Emerald parallel), Single-Player Signature Swatches Dual Relic Autograph (two game-used memorabilia pieces and an autograph, numbered to 399 or less with parallels to 50, 25 and 1-of-1), new Autographed Jumbo Lumber Bat Relics (up to 25 players with jumbo game-used bat barrel pieces and signatures, numbered to 5 or less with a 1-of-1 parallel), and Single-Players Signature Swatches Triple Relic Autographs (three game-used memorabilia pieces and an autograph, numbered 399 or less with parallels to 50, 25 and 1-of-1.

In Relics, find Meaningful Materials Relics (game-used memorabilia from veterans, rookies and retired players, numbered to 50 or less with parallels to 35, 25, 10 and 1-of-1), Dual Meaningful Material Relics (up to 30 notable pairings with game-used pieces, numbered to 50 or less with parallels to 35, 10 and 1-of-1), Momentous Material Jumbo Patch Relics (large game-used patches, numbered to 5 and 1-of-1 parallel), Museum Memorabilia (up to 200 silhouetted batter logo patches from game-used uniforms, numbered 1-of-1), Museum Memorabilia Laundry Tags (over 100 game-used uniform laundry tags, numbered 1-of-1), and Jumbo Lumber Bat Nameplate Relics (over 50 bat barrel nameplates from game-used bats, numbered 1-of-1).

There is also Quad Relics, featuring four pieces of game-used memorabilia in a variety of combinations. The release was scheduled for a June 17 release.

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