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Topps latest baseball set is golden


2020 Topps Gold Label Baseball

The fifth edition of Topps Gold Label is much like the others with quality designs, on-card autographs and the most notable names in baseball making up the 100-card base.

Collectors will find retired legends, current superstars and emerging rookies on these stunning cards. Each card receives three versions to collect as well as four different parallels of each. All the Gold Parallels are numbered 1-of-1. The Blue and Red Parallels are numbered from 150 to 25.

The Framed Autograph Cards feature more than 50 MLB stars who have signed directly on-card and each comes with a gold frame. They are numbered from 75 to 1-of-1 with the Framed Dual Autographs numbered to 10, 5 and 1-of-1.


New to the set is the Golden Greats Framed Autograph Jumbo Relics, featuring jumbo pieces of game-used memorabilia and on-card autographs on a framed card. The Legends Relic Cards are numbered to 50, 5 and 1-of-1 with Gold Prospect Relic Cards numbered to 25, 5 and 1-of-1.

The hobby configuration is five cards per pack, seven packs per box and 16 boxes per case. Each Hobby Box has one autograph and four base parallels. The release was scheduled for Oct. 14.


2020 Panini XR Football

Look for new memorabilia Inserts like X-Ray Swatches, Summit Swatches and Vortex Materials in Panini XR Football, which is becoming a fan favorite.

Find some of the most unique 1-of-1 Patch Autographs of the 2020 season; each case will pack one on average. Find autographs that feature NFL Shields, Nike patches, team logos, draft hats, shoes, gloves and footballs. Search for 1-of-1 NFL Shields of some of the top players in the NFL.

The XR Base set with a sleek, dull holographic card stock features 100 cards with color parallels to 1-of-1s. The Rookie Swatch Autographs features 17 unique 1-of-1s with multiple color parallels and a checklist including the top rookies of the 2020 NFL Draft.


Rookies Orange totals 100 of your favorite rookies in 2020. Keep an eye out for SP color parallels.

Find numerous triple swatch combinations to deliver even more amazing 1-of-1s. X-Ponential Ink highlights the best young vets in the league. Beautifully designed and SP color parallels make this a set to collect. Find a strong mix of veterans in this true 1-of-1 NFL Shields set.

Vortex Materials is a new memorabilia set for XR and features a unique swatch design and is highlighted by a checklist of some of the top rookies in the NFL. Luminous Endorsements features 42 of the top rookies from the 2020 class with a stunning acetate autograph. X-Ray Swatches is a new memorabilia set, combining unique effects and some of the top rookies in the NFL.

The hobby configuration is seven cards per pack, two packs per box and 15 boxes per case with a box break average of two autographs (one auto and one rookie auto jersey), one memorabilia card, four base cards, four parallels, two rookies and one insert. The release was scheduled for Oct. 16.


2020 Leaf Valiant Football

The popular Leaf Valiant Football release returns featuring what might be one of the greatest draft classes of the last decade. Once again, this release features not only on-card autographs of these elite draft picks and prospects, but also, in every box, a card graded a BGS 9.5, BGS 10 or BGS Black Label. Among the players mentioned are Chase Young, D’Andre Swift, Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert and Tua Tagovailoa.

There are three autographed cards and one graded autograph card per box. The hobby configuration is eight cards per box, six boxes per case. The release was scheduled for Sept. 9.

2019-20 Leaf Lumber Kings Hockey

After being away for a few seasons, the Leaf Lumber Kings returns with Game-Used Lumber, Game-Used Goalie Lumber and new additions in Signature Nameplates, Dual Nameplates, Blades of Glory and Blades of Glory 2.


The majority of the checklist features themed inserts with hockey sticks, including stick blade pieces. Game-used stick tape in Tale of the Tape and game-used stick cards in Team Twigs and Triple Twig Sigs are among the variety offered by Leaf in this set that is similar to the baseball release earlier this year in that every Hobby Box contains four premium relics or autographs.

The hobby configuration is four cards per pack, one pack per box and 10 boxes per case. The release was scheduled for Oct. 2. 

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