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Autographs highlighted in new offering from Topps

2020 Topps Five Star Baseball


Every card in this world-class set features an on-card autograph from one of the best players in Major League Baseball with case hits including metallic ink autographs, Autographed Jumbo Patch Cards, and Dual-Subject Pentamerous Penmanship Cards.

Each pack contains two on-card autograph cards, unless replaced by a rare Cut Signature Card.


The most collectable stars, past and present, are showcased in the Jumbo Patch Cards, featuring jumbo uniform patch pieces and on-card autographs with all cards numbered to 25 or less. The Team Patch Parallel, MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Patch Parallel, Laundry Tag Patch Parallel and Jersey Brand Patch Parallel are numbered 1-of-1.

The Base Autographs of more than 50 of the game’s greats feature parallels numbered to 50, 25, 15, 10, 5 and 1-of-1. Dual Autographs are numbered to 10 or less. Five Star Triple Autographs, new to the brand, are sequentially numbered to 5 or less.

Five Star Golden Graphs are sequentially numbered to 40 or less and autos are done using gold ink. Players will use silver ink to sign directly on-card for Five Star Silver Signatures, also numbered to 40 or less. Each are one per case. Parallels are numbered to 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 and 1-of-1.

Only the most talented MLB players are featured in Five Tool Phenom Autographs, numbered 25 or less with a parallel 1-of-1.


Up to 60 greats sign Five Star Signatures with select subjects including inscriptions. These are numbered 20 or less.

Shadowbox cards make up the Pentamerous Penmanship Cards with up to 50 of the game’s best, numbered to 25 or less with parallels to 10, 5, 3 and 1-of-1.

New are Dual Subject Pentamerous Penmanship Autograph Cards with two autos on multi-layered shadowbox cards, numbered 5 or less. Cut Signatures and Celebrity Cut Signatures from notable names from pop culture are 1-of-1.

The hobby configuration is two cards per pack, one pack per box, eight boxes per case. The release was scheduled for Aug. 26.

2020 Donruss Football


One of the most anticipated releases of the year, Donruss Football features something for all collectors, who can hunt for their favorite NFL players in this deep 400-card set. It includes 250 base cards, 50 photo variations, 50 Rookies and 50 Rated Rookies.

Look for these new inserts: Road to the Super Bowl, Champions, and Super Bowl MVP, along with new SSP inserts—Marvels and Night Moves.

Highlights Autographs chronicles the top plays and achievements of the 2019 season. Look for SP Auto and Holo parallels.


Inducted Holo cards feature the legendary players and coaches of the past who find their way to the illustrious Halls of Canton. The Champ is Here is a 20-card set commemorating the 2019 Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs. Exclusive Autograph parallels are numbered 49 or less. Retro 2000 Autographs are a throwback to the year 2000, bringing back the look and style of Donruss 2000.

Marvels takes a page from the golden age of comics, bringing a new definition to heroes of the gridiron. Look for multiple memorabilia cards that parallel to autographs with Canton Kings, Jersey Kings, Leather Kings, and All Pro Kings. Night Moves utilizes effects to create an electrifying card.

The hobby configuration is 10 cards per pack, 18 packs per box and 18 boxes per case. The box break is one autograph, one memorabilia, 12 Rookies, six Rated Rookies and 12 parallels. The release was scheduled for Sept. 2.

2020-21 Upper Deck MVP Hockey


Get started on your 2020-21 hockey card collection with MVP’s impressive 250-card Base Set, including 50 High Series Star and Rookie SPs. The Colors & Contours insert set returns, featuring Spectrum Light FX variations of all 100 of the 20th anniversary Tribute cards, including 10 top prospects. Look for the rare Purple parallel numbered to 3.

All the popular Base Set parallels return, including the low-numbered Super Script (numbered to 25) and Printing Plate (1-of-1), as well as the low-numbered and hobby-exclusive Black Super Script (numbered to 5). Look for cards from the rare auto parallel of the High Series SPs. Hunt for rookie cards, including the divisionally themed Rookie Redemption cards and the highly sought and rare 2020 NHL #1 Draft Pick SP Redemption cards (one regular, one gold parallel).

Also look for exciting new inserts such as High Speed (20 cards), Mirror Mirror (10 cards), Mirror Mirror Variations (10 cards), and the three-tiered, 100-card 20th Anniversary Tribute Set, paying homage to the 2000-01 MVP First, Second and Third Star design.

The hobby configuration is eight cards per pack, 20 packs per box and 20 boxes per case. The release was scheduled for Aug. 26.

2019-20 Panini Opulence Basketball


Opulence returns with a lineup of on-card autographs, booklets, and unique memorabilia cards.

Look for Rookie Patch Autographs this year in booklet form. Find parallel versions featuring different levels of prime swatches from the jersey. Chase history in the NBA Finals Booklet set. Hunt for prime swatches from the Toronto Raptors’ first NBA title in booklet form, and look for a variety of parallels featuring different levels of swatches.

Opulence features a revamped booklet lineup; collect the all-new Game of Inches and All-Star Game booklet cards.

Also, find the rare Rookie Octo Signature Booklet, featuring autographs from the most collectible stars of the 2019-20 NBA Rookie Class.

The hobby configuration is seven cards per pack, one pack per box and two boxes per case. The release was scheduled for Sept. 11.

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