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2020 Topps Pro Debut Baseball set for release


The future stars of baseball are highlighted in the 2020 Topps Pro Debut Baseball set, featuring the talent pipeline of Minor League Baseball. Elsewhere in this issue of SCD is a story about who might be the next Mike Trout or Ronald Acuna Jr. Whomever it is might be found in this set of 200 base cards and parallels.

The standard Hobby box offers the same two autographs and two relics as in previous sets, but debuting is the HTA Jumbo Hobby box with three autographs.

Base cards include parallels numbered to 150 (Blue Parallel), to 99 (Green), to 50 (Gold) to 25 (Orange), to 10 (Red), and 1-of-1 (Black), along with Base Set Image Variations (1-of-1).


New inserts include cards highlighting the Copa de La Diversion event series throughout the league that celebrates the U.S. Hispanic/Latino communities around each team (1:5 packs; Black parallel 1-of-1). Ready for Flight (1:5) showcases the brightest young talent ready to make their ascent up the ladder of the minor league system with parallels numbered to 99 and 25 with a Black 1-of-1, Autograph Parallels of varied numbering, and an Autograph Black Parallel 1-of-1. Tape-Measure Power (1:12 packs) feature minor leaguers with the sweetest swings with Black Parallel 1-of-1, Autograph Parallels of varied numbering and an Autograph Black Parallel 1-of-1.


Base Card Autograph Parallels are numbered to 150, 99, 50, 25, 10 and 1-of-1. Future Cornerstones are sequentially numbered to 25 with a Black Parallel 1-of-1.

In Relic Cards, Fragments of the Farm parallels are numbered to 99, 50, 10 and 1-of-1, Distinguished Debut Medallions are numbered to 50, 10 and 1-of-1 with an Autograph Parallel to 10, and Copa de La Diversion Relics are numbered to 50, 10 and 1-of-1. Jumbo Patch Relics are numbered to 15 and 1-of-1 with an Autograph Parallel sequentially numbered to 5.

The Hobby configuration is eight cards per pack, 24 packs per box and 12 boxes per case. The Jumbo configuration is 24 cards per pack, six packs per box and eight boxes per case. The release was scheduled for June 19.

2019-20 Panini Impeccable Premier League Soccer


For the first time, collect the stars of the Premier League in the 2019-20 Panini Impeccable Premier League Soccer. The highly revered brand makes its debut in soccer, showcasing premium cards and on-card autographs.

All 20 Premier League Clubs are represented. Celebrate players from past and present across 15 unique autograph inserts. On average, each box delivers at least four autographs.

Look for ultra-rare inserts that feature a slab of silver or gold. Find Stainless Stars and Rookie Metal inserts printed on stunning steel. Be on the hunt for rare autographed versions numbered to 25.

The hobby configuration is eight cards per pack, one pack per box and three boxes per case. The box break is four autographs, one additional autograph or memorabilia, one base card, one base parallel and one insert. The release date was set for June 10.

2019-20 Upper Deck Engrained Hockey


Collectors will again find a variety of hockey stick relics and wood-themed designs in the 2019-20 version of Upper Deck Engrained Hockey.

A 100-card set in oak style features key rookies and top players of past and present with the base oak cards coming on a 60-point stock with a wood grain look and feel. It has a print run of 299. There are multiple parallels highlighted by the rare 1-of-1 Rosewood Premium Memorabilia Auto.

In Rookie Signature Shots find manufactured carbon fiber or wood pieces with hard-signed autos. Remnants is a 100-card insert featuring game-used sticks from current stars and retired legends.

Complete Sticks-Signatures, Dual Stick Nameplates, Distinguishing Marks, Synthesis and Carved in Time Signatures are among other highlights of the set.

The hobby configuration is six cards per pack, one pack per box, and 10 boxes per case. The box break average is three Memorabilia and Autograph cards (including at least one Signature Shots card), one Star or Legend Card, one Rookie Card and one Innovative Insert or Low-Numbered Parallel Card. A release was set for June 10.  

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