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2020 Topps Big League Baseball gets 'fresh coat of paint'

The 2020 Topps Big League Baseball gets a fresh coat of paint with all-new base and insert set designs heavily influenced by the fan-favorite sets of the 1980s and 1990s.

“Share the experience and nostalgia of opening cards inspired by one of card collecting’s golden eras with family and friends,” Topps states.


The 300-card base set featuring the league’s top veterans and rookies has a variety of colored parallels, including all new and vibrant Orange Parallels with one per pack. Rainbow Foil Parallels are numbered to 100, Black and White Parallels are numbered to 50, and the Red Foil Parallel is 1-of-1.

Also look for a whole new lineup of autographs, and the introduction of Topps Exclusive Super7 MLB Figurines in the all-new Collector’s Box offering. In collaboration with the collectibles company Super7, these MLB action figures feature Topps’ exclusive jersey paint variants and a card backer inspired by the 1982 design.


An eclectic mix of fun and collectible insert cards include Roll Call (1:4 packs; pays homage to the bleacher creatures’ famed ballpark rituals), Ballpark Oddities, Flipping Out (1:4 packs; longball celebrations), and Defensive Wizards (1:4 packs, defensive plays around the field get an electric boost with this insert set providing epic background imagery). These all feature autograph parallels numbered to 25.

Also look for Star Caricature Reproductions (1:4 packs) and Star Caricature Originals numbered 1-of-1; find the original art used in the Star Caricature Reproductions insert, all hand numbered 1-of-1 and signed by the artist, Rich Molinelli.


Big League Autographs are highlighted by Orange Border Parallels numbered to 99 and a Red Foil Parallel 1-of-1. New is Opening Act Autographs featuring rookies with Orange Border Parallels numbered to 99 and a Red Foil Parallel 1-of-1.

The hobby configuration is 10 cards per pack, 18 packs per box, 20 boxes per case. The collector box configuration is 10 cards per pack, five backs per box and 16 boxes per case. The estimated release date was May 27.

2020 Panini Diamond Kings Baseball

Diamond Kings from Panini mixes colorful designs and artistic images, and offers unique DK 206 cards whose design was inspired by the legendary T206 set.


In DK Signatures features autographs of retired, veteran and prospective players, with four additional parallels numbered 99 or less. The base set has a mix of retired, legendary and veteran players.

DK Material Signatures features two memorabilia swatches paired with an autograph from a great mix of prospects, rookies and current stars.


DK 206 is similar to what Diamond Kings did in 2019 with DK 205, highlighting stars and legends. DK DeLong looks to show current stars with a timeless, vintage twist, drawing inspiration from the classic DeLong set. The 3000 pays homage to 20 of the greatest hitters in baseball who achieved the career “gold standard” of 3,000 hits.


DK Originals Signatures are autographs from current and former stars. All-Time Diamond Kings features one of each team’s greatest players to ever wear its uniform. DK 206 Signatures features current and retired stars on cards based on the iconic T206 design.

The hobby configuration is eight cards per pack, 12 packs per box and 24 boxes per case. The box break is one autograph, one memorabilia card, three framed parallels and 12 inserts. The release was schedule for May 27.

Note: Some card releases might get delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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