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Leaf’s multi-sport memorabilia release returns


2020 Leaf In The Game Used Sports

Compiling relics from baseball, basketball and football, Leaf’s In the Game Used Sports features single- and multi-player cards with signed cards among the set.

In Career Day, find a single player triple memorabilia insert set, featuring superstars from all sports highlighting a fantastic day from their amazing careers. Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken Jr., Tom Brady and Kobe Bryant are among them.

Midsummer Night’s Dream are eight-player baseball-themed memorabilia inserts, featuring an amazing checklist of baseball legends, such as Ruth/Williams/Clemente/Mays/Maris/Mantle/Snider/Musial and Ichiro/Yastrzemski/Rose/Jeter/Fox/McCovey/Carter/Hunter.


A Year to Remember are single-player quad memorabilia cards, featuring sports legends and some of the best seasons of all time, like Mark McGwire in 1998, Joe DiMaggio in 1941, Walter Payton in 1977 and Larry Bird in 1984.

All-Time All-Star Ballot are six-player memorabilia cards, featuring what would be a historic baseball All-Star Game ballot by position, such as OF-Ruth/DiMaggio/Ott/Clemente/Williams/Musial and 3B-Schmidt/Robinson/Brett/Mathews/Jones/Boggs.

In All-time Top 5, find five-player memorabilia sets, featuring the greatest at each position in sports.


Baseball Redraft is a four-player memorabilia insert that asks the question, what if the draft were held after we knew who would be great? And Basketball Redraft asks the question, what if the draft were held knowing what we now know?

Breaking Ankles; In the Game Used Auto, Dual Auto and Triple Auto; Once in a Generation; The Champions Club; Super Swatch Signatures; In the Name Used Letter; Jumbo Patch; Enshrined Town; Greatest Games of All Time; Moniker Matchups; One on One; The Fantastic Franchise, Soleman; the Chosen Few; and the Iconic are among other subjects.

The hobby configuration is five cards per box and 10 boxes per case with a box break of five memorabilia hits (relic or autograph relic). The release date was scheduled for Nov. 20.

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