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2019 Topps Opening Day Baseball set to be released

Baseball card collectors looking for an entry level product to chase after can check out 2019 Topps Opening Day Baseball set to be released in mid-March.

Promoted as an entry-level baseball card release for collectors of all ages, 2019 Topps Opening Day will include cards with in-game photography of fan favorite players and mascots, inserts that celebrate “America’s Pastime,” rare base card parallels, autographs, and relic cards.

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The base set includes 200 of the game’s most popular superstars, rising young players, and new rookies. Parallels of the base set include: Opening Day Edition (Limited to 2019), Opening Day 1/1/Edition (Numbered 1 of 1), and Printing Plates (Numbered 1 of 1).

Inserts include: 150 Years of Fun, Sock It To Me!, Rally Time!, Opening Day, Mascots, Team Traditions & Celebrations, and Dugout Peeks.

Base Card Variations includes 30 players who will receive an image variation base card featuring a completely different image from the 2018 MLB season.

Even though 2019 Topps Opening Day is promoted as an entry-level product, autograph and relic cards are included in it.

The Opening Day Autographs insert features up to 20 MLB rookies and stars. Other autograph cards include Base Card Variation Autograph Parallel and Mascot Autographs.

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Opening Day Relics, Mascot Relics, and Mascot Autograph Relics comprise the relics inserts.

The Diamond Relics insert features a player and dirt from the baseball diamond from his home stadium. Autograph versions of the cards are included in Diamond Autograph Relics.

Hobby shops are scheduled to receive 2019 Topps Opening Day Baseball in mid-March.