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2018 Topps Diamond Icons Baseball provides plenty of autographed cards

Those in the Hobby looking to add more autographs to their collections will want to check out 2018 Diamond Icons Baseball when it's released in late August.
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2018 Topps Diamond Icons Baseball

Past, present, and future major league players get together to comprise the 2018 Topps Diamond Icons Baseball release, set to hit hobby shelves in late August.

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Each box of 2018 Diamond Icons Baseball includes seven autographs, two autographed relics, and one relic card. Each card is numbered to 25 or less. Every other box includes a cut signature.

Approximately 75 subjects are included in the Autograph Cards insert. Red Ink Autographs also includes approximately 75 subjects, while Diamond Autographs includes approximately 40 subjects. All three autograph inserts include Purple, Red, and Gold parallels. 

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Approximately 100 subjects are included in the Cut Signatures insert. Each card is numbered to 4. A Gold Parallel is numbered 1/1.

Autographed Relics include: Autographed Authenticated Jumbo Patches, Single-Player Autograph Relic, Single-Player Dual Team Autograph Relic, Single-Player Dual Autograph Relic, and Dual-Player Autograph Relic.

Relic inserts include: Single-Player Relics, Diamond Relics, Dual-Player Relic Book Cards, Preeminent Pieces Relics, and MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Patches.