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Leaf to release latest Pearl Multi-Sport set

Leaf introduced Pearl Multi-Sport to the hobby in 2017, and now it is about to release its third version. Even though it says 2018-19, it is a 2020 release scheduled out sometime this month.

Star athletes from boxing, football, basketball, soccer, baseball, MMA, golf, wrestling and skiing are featured, and sometimes in various combinations. Here’s a few of the features to look for:

The Pearl Signatures 8 with eight NBA greats on the same card.


“Front and back signed 8-player madness,” Leaf writes. “Magic Johnson/Clyde Drexler/Jerry West/Shaquille O’Neal/Larry Bird/Hakeem Olajuwon/Allen Iverson/Walt Frazier.”

Pearl Signatures 4 feature a foursome of superstar signatures on one card, such as Floyd Mayweather Jr./Hulk Hogan/Giannis Antetokounmpo/Conor McGregor and Emmitt Smith/Bo Jackson/Earl Campbell/Tony Dorsett.

Pearl Signatures 6 is a front and back six-player signed card, such as Manny Pacquiao/Floyd Mayweather Jr./Errol Spence Jr./Conor McGregor/Georges St-Pierre/Randy Couture.

Peal Visionaries offer a legendary signature from the likes of Aaron Rodgers, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ichiro.

Pearlescent Patch is described as a “crazy big patch card featuring sports’ greatest stars such as Joe Montana, Kobe Bryant and Charles Barkley.” Pearlescent Dual Patch is a two-player patch set of heroes the likes of Brett Favre/Tom Brady and Joe Montana/Jerry Rice.

Pearls of History is “extremely rare and extremely awesome,” Leaf writes in describing the dual player game-used jersey button memorabilia card. History makers such as Mickey Mantle/Stan Musial, Ichiro/Shohei Ohtani and Pete Rose/Paul Molitor are featured.

The Perfect 10 is a double-sided 10-player memorabilia card set. How’s this for a combination: Joe Montana/Dan Marino/Tom Brady/Troy Aikman/Steve Young/Jerome Bettis/Walter Payton/Barry Sanders/Gale Sayers/Tony Dorsett.

The immortal 8 features all-time immortals of the game: Babe Ruth/Mickey Mantle/Ted Williams/Duke Snider/Joe DiMaggio/Eddie Mathews/Johnny Mize/Stan Musial.

Pearl Cuts takes a step outside sports with cut signatures from all genres of history; for instance, Prince, Elvis Presley and Robert F. Kennedy.

Paragon Signatures are autographed memorabilia card sets with the likes of Ken Griffey Jr., Jerry Rice and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Paragon Signatures 2 are sets of dual-signed memorabilia with classic combinations like Giannis Antetokounmpo/Stephen Curry and Johnny Bench/Carlton Fisk. And Paragon Signatures 3 are triple-signed memorabilia cards. How about these combos: Nolan Ryan/Don Sutton/Gaylord Perry or Greg Maddox/John Smoltz/Tom Glavine? There’s also some controversy thrown in with the signature of O.J. Simpson coupled with Tony Dorsett and Earl Campbell.

Also look for a base card with a “stunning pearl,” Base Autos (George Forman, Ichiro, Lionel Messi etc.), Legends of the Sport 4 and Legends of the Sport 6 (memorabilia cards), Letterman (letters from game-used jerseys), Magnificent Materials (single player, eight-swatch memorabilia card) and Magnum Opus (rare combinations of memorabilia).

There are 11 cards per pack, one pack per box and two boxes per case. The hobby box break down is 10 premium cards and one cut signature.