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2013 Topps Series 1 Baseball Excites Collectors

It's like Christmas in late January for baseball fans and card collectors – 2013 Topps Series 1 Baseball released on Wednesday, and for the past few days, people have been talking about the set's features. Here is what's available.

The social media circuit has been burning up with people expressing their glee over the annual tradition of Topps Series 1 Baseball hitting the shelves. the 2013 edition released Wednesday, and you should make some plans to visit a local hobby shop or retailer to grab some packs this weekend.

The flagship baseball card set has many draws this year aside from the usual pull of getting your favorite players, stars and potential impact rookies. This year's theme is all about the chase, from chasing records, to chasing a World Series title. Collectors love to chase the "hits", too and there will be plenty.

In terms of autographs in the set, Topps released the following information: The 2013 product celebrates the accomplishment of those that MADE HISTORY in the game with number of inserts featuring Autographed Cards and Relics from some of the GREATEST PLAYERS EVER TO PLAY THE GAME! In addition the game’s greatest players, the product also features all the games up and coming stars. Here are some special inserts you will find in Topps Series One next week…


The Greats: Autograph and relic Inserts from the greatest Players ever to play the game. These players set a new standard next generation of players. Look for autograph cards from greats such
• Johnny Bench (Autograph)
• Reggie Jackson (Autograph)
• Stan Musial (Autograph)
• Hank Aaron (Autograph)
• Will Mays (Autograph)
• Roberto Clemente (Game Used Relic)
• Mike Schmidt (Game Used Relic)
• Base Ruth (Game Used Relic)

Chasing History Autographs: Celebrating specific accomplishments of retired players and veterans. Look for autograph cards from:
• Duke Snyder
• Rickey Henderson
• Cal Ripken Jr
• Jose Bautista

Chasing the Dream Autographs and Relics: Featuring some of the most celebrated young players baseball has seen, these players are chasing the dream!
• Mike Trout
• Bryce Harper
• Yu Darvish

Also look for awesome Die-Cuts, Minis, Relics and more, all featuring autographs from past and present players.

Cut to the Chase: Beautifully designed Die Cuts featuring autographs from
• Stan Musial
• Ken Griffey Jr.
• Carlos Gonzales
• David Price

Bryce Harper Coin Card

Calling Cards: Insert cards that highlight a unique trait, skill or characteristic of some of today’s biggest stars and retired players. Look for autograph or relic Calling Cards from
• Prince Fielder
• CC Cabathia
• Wade Boggs

1972 Minis: Baseballs hottest players and retired greats on the 1972 Topps design, look for autographs or relics from
• Yu Darvish
• Buster Posey
• Dustin Pedroia
• Evan Longoria
• Tony Gwynn

There's more
Introducing the Topps Spring Fever Collection
To celebrate the beginning of the new baseball season, Topps is offering collectors an exclusive set of cards. Special Spring Fever Redemption cards are randomly inserted into packs of Topps Series 1. Finders of these cards can redeem them at a hobby store during the first week of Spring Training (Feb. 20-27 ) to receive an exclusive five-card pack of Topps Spring Fever baseball cards. The Spring Fever set features current superstars and retired legends. Collectors can also find exclusive autographed cards (see Ripken card attached) in these packs! Look for a list of participating hobby stores on

Paul Molitor Cut to the Chase Die Cuts

Introducing Topps $1MM Chase
As you know, Topps 2013 Series 1 is all about the Chase, the chase for history and the chase for records. Topps invites all our collectors to join the chase of one of Baseball’s most hallowed record for a chance to win awesome prizes including special coin cards, autograph cards and $1 Million Dollars. Here is how you chase..
1-Find special Million Dollar Chase Code Cards in 2013 Topps Baseball
2-Go to to enter your code, unlock hitters and build your roster
3-When MLB Action starts in April, Select hitters on your roster that you think will get a hit that day. If you get a hit, your streak moves on
4- Win awesome prizes as you accumulate consecutive hits like autographs cards, exclusive coin cards and autographed memorabilia. Topps will be giving away thousands of autographs.
5-Be the first to rack up 57 consecutive hits and you will win $1 Million Dollars.

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