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1953 Topps Baseball Mystery Solved

Bob Lemke did the dirty work and Keith Olbermann shared with the world : the missing players from the 1953 Topps Baseball set are revealed.

Collectors knew there were six missing players in the 280-card 1953 Topps set, they just didn't know who they were.

Thanks to a discovery by former SCD and Standard Catalog editor and current contributor Bob Lemke and revealed on the Keith Olbermann television show, we now know the identity of those players.

Lemke unearthed documents dating to 1973 from a former Topps employee regarding the 1953 set that listed the missing numbers (well known) and the corresponding players taken out (not known). They are as follows:
#253: Joe Tipton
#261: Ken Wood
#267: Hoot Evers
#268: Harry Brecheen
#271: Billy Cox
#275: Pete Castiglione.

Custom card creators can now get to work. To view the entire segment on the find on Olbermann’s show, click below.

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