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UD Offers Special Prize in Cut Signature Set Promotion

Upper Deck has another set collectors can try and conquer. This one is a cut signature set spanning 320 cards and some as few as 5 produced. Think someone won't accomplish it? Never say never my friend. After all, there is quite the prize to the person that does - or comes closest to it.
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Upper Deck’s SP Legendary Cuts Baseball “Cut Signature” set has provided exciting chase cards with signatures of deceased legends embedded in the card. However, set collectors were left out in the cold because many of the cards were
1-of-1s. But the 320-card 2009 SP Legendary Cuts Baseball “Cut Signature” set is different – there is no card limited to fewer than five total versions.

“We know collectors who used to attempt putting this set together, but they were put off by the fact that so many of the extremely limited cards would end up in personal collections and usually never see the light of day again,” said Grant Sandground, Upper Deck’s baseball brand manager. “For the 2009 set, we made sure we had at least five authenticated cut autographs for each player in the set. To entice collectors to try to put this set together, we came up with a very special promotion.”

The first collector who puts together the entire 2009 SP Legendary Cuts Baseball “Cut Signature” set will be awarded a special cut signature card that pays homage to the legendary pioneers of each major sport. This 1-of-1 card will include authenticated signatures of Abner Doubleday (baseball), Dr. James Naismith (basketball), Knute Rockne (football) and Frederick Stanley (“Lord Stanley,” hockey). If no collector can put together the entire set by Dec. 15, the card will be awarded to the collector who is furthest along in its completion.

“We have talked to enough collectors to know there is interest in putting the ‘Cut Signature’ set together,” said Chris Carlin, Upper Deck’s sports marketing manager. “We made it a little easier to do so by having more versions of the cards in the market, and since there’s a great prize going to the first person to finish, we anticipate there will be a good amount of interest. Like we saw with our Yankee Stadium Legacy set, we do not expect everyone will try to put this set together, but there are people who will and we believe it is important to recognize their efforts.”

With more 320 different subjects in the 2009 SP Legendary Cuts Baseball “Cut Signature” set, officials at Upper Deck are unsure if someone will be able to put the set together.

“The great part about this promotion is that someone doesn’t necessarily need to put together the entire set to be awarded ‘The Legendary Pioneers’ card,” added Carlin. “If someone doesn’t put it together, whoever contacts us who is the closest to completing it will receive the card. This will boost every card’s value, as a Ted Williams signature card could be just as important as a Ted Lyons signature card for those who are trying to complete the set.”

To participate in the program, collectors need to contact Carlin at (760) 603-7548 once you have completed the set.

Or contact Carlin by Dec. 1 if you think you may be one of the collectors furthest along with the set. Directions will then be given to submit the set for validation.

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