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New Website Offers Real-Time Price Guide for Autographs

Looking for autograph values based on actual prices realized? has recently launched, offering values for autographs based on actual auction sales.

A new online autograph price guide has launched, offering values based on recent sales from eBay and major hobby auction houses. New Jersey-based uses many of the same concepts as the graded sports card price guides available online, but this one is geared toward sports autographs.

For a daily, monthly, yearly or lifetime subscription fee ranging from $3.99 to $299 (a one-month subscription is $9.99), users can search the company’s database to find selling prices for items similar or identical to what they’re tracking.

“The value of an autograph is based on the price that someone is willing to pay,” said Ben Milch of “Rather than rely on stale published price guides that simply provide an arbitrary value for an autograph, our high-tech software provides you with the historical underlying data of each signed collectible so you can see for yourself how much your autograph is worth to those who actually buy it.”

In development for two years and under construction since early this year, Milch says the company has compiled millions of sports autograph sales so far. The data for major auction houses dates back to 2006. The data from eBay auctions of autographed sports items dates back to 2009. currently offers a database of autographs that covers most major sports. Users can search by player, collectible, authenticator and grade. The website offers up-to-date sales data that can be used immediately when considering purchases or determining actual value for pricing or pinpointingvalues.

“This wealth of information is incredibly valuable to making an educated decision before you purchase or sell your autographed collectible,” Milch said.

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