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PSA Rolls Out AutographFacts as Part of Its Free Resource Guide

Adding to an already amazing website that features free information on sports collectibles (facts, images, values and more), PSA has announced a new feature – AutographFacts – that is now live.

PSA AutographFacts, a new and extensive information resource about autographs, is now available as part of PSA CollectibleFacts (, the unparalleled, free online reference for collectibles and memorabilia.

Launched by PSA this past June, PSA CollectibleFacts is a continually expanding and free Internet encyclopedia of sports, historical and entertainment collectibles. The new autograph section ( features information and hundreds of autographs images as well as biographies of the signers.

Babe Ruth autographed baseball

"Like the other components of PSA CollectibleFacts, our new autograph section is an ever-evolving resource," explained Joe Orlando, PSA president and editor of the monthly price guide, Sports Market Report (SMR). "It's a great opportunity to see fantastic examples of various signatures and, in some cases, the dramatic evolution of some of the autographs like those of Mickey Mantle. The online photographs can also be magnified or enlarged for a closer examination of the signatures."

Autographs are categorized by subject matter and genre as well as by the name of the signer. For example, there's a listing for the movie Star Wars and also separate listings for some of the individual cast members of the legendary film series.

The autograph category is initially being launched with approximately 150 subjects, including information about the top 100 sports autographs profiled in the book, Collecting Sports Legends.

"Additional autographs will be continually added to the web site. The new autograph section is part of our ongoing expansion of PSA CollectibleFacts. This is the third major section and it's still only the beginning," said Orlando. "We're building the Internet's most comprehensive site for information and illustrations about sports and many non-sports collectibles."

In addition to the new autograph section, PSA CollectibleFacts offers PSA CardFacts ( that is devoted to all types of trading cards, and PSA ProBatFacts ( that contains more than 150 pages about individual major league baseball players and their professional model bats.

"We're planning to launch the next new section, PSA TicketFacts, in early 2013 with information and images about collectible tickets such as those from the Super Bowl and World Series. In the meantime, you'll find something new every week at PSA CollectibleFacts as it continues to evolve and grow," said Orlando.

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