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New Presidential Autograph Book Now Available

In a niche collecting category, a new book by noted autograph expert Stephen Koschal focuses on collecting Presidential signatures on baseballs.
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A new book on autographs focusing on Presidents of the United States and baseball is available. It took author Stephen Koschal more than two years to research and write the book.

Titled Collecting Signatures of the Presidents of the United States on Baseballs, the book provides collectors and dealers with the information they need before purchasing a baseball signed by a President of the United States. With baseballs signed by Presidents selling for thousands of dollar,s it is imperative to know all one can about the subject matter before making a purchase.

This book includes comments from former President Jimmy Carter about his signing habits, written for this book. The book discusses early presidents and their association with baseball. The first chapter on signed baseballs begins with Theodore Roosevelt. The book ends with baseballs signed by Barack Obama. Each chapter is illustrated and contains comments on what to watch for with each president. Genuine signed balls are illustrated, as well as questionable signed balls and forged signatures of Presidents on baseballs.

This softcover book, 140 pages, measures 5.5”x8.25” and retails for $15. Shipping is $3.00 for the first book and $1 for each additional book. Signed or inscribed copies upon request. To order, call 561-315-3622 or send a check to the address on