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Ring of Honor autographs added to 2017 Limited Football

Limited Football has been a staple each year for football card releases, and the 2017 version has Ring of Honor autographs added to the mix.
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Panini America’s longstanding Limited Football brand established itself as an industry staple many years ago. As time has passed, Limited Football has maintained that status by consistently delivering all that fans of the brand would expect while also mixing in just enough newness to keep things fresh. In recent years, that recipe led to Draft Day Signature Booklets featuring autographs and memorabilia acquired directly from the NFL Draft Night stage.

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For the upcoming 2017 edition, Limited Football will welcome to the mix Ring of Honor Autographs, an insert featuring on-card signatures from legends immortalized in their team’s Hall of Fame. Boxes of 2017 Limited Football were set to arrive on store shelves Jan. 24, featuring hobby boxes (five cards per pack, three packs per box, 15 boxes per case) that deliver, on average, two autographs (including one on-card-signed Rookie Patch Autograph) and one memorabilia card.

The highlights of 2017 Limited Football include:

• Dual and triple autographs from the best the NFL has to offer in Limited Combos Autographs Jersey and Limited Trios Autographs Jersey (numbered to 49 or less).

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• Draft Day Signature Booklets returns featuring autographs and memorabilia presented on-stage at the 2017 NFL Draft.

• Rare Rookie Patch Autograph Variations featuring oversized patches (numbered to 25).

• Look for all the top rookies with oversized jerseys and patches in the colorful Rookie Phenoms Jerseys insert.

• Hunt for incredible combinations of players both past and present in the Limited Quad Autograph Booklet chase.

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