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Retired hockey players who sign autographs through the mail


Retired athletes are some of the best signers in all of sports. With some politeness, accurate postage and a friendly note, you’ll find much success with the individuals below.

The list below showcases the player’s name, date autograph request was sent, date the autograph request was returned, where it was sent (“H” refers to a home address, “O” refers to an office and “S” refers to the team’s arena).

When possible, the autograph request is addressed to the player, in care of the team, and sent to the team’s offices.

For more information on athlete mailing addresses, e-mail

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Here are some addresses for those players who only appeared in the WHA:

Randy Burchell, c/o Davanac, 1936 St. Regis, Dorval, QC H9P 1H6

Duane Bray, PO Box 408, Denare Beach, SK S0P 0B0

Larry Mavety, 243 Olympus Ave., Kingston, ON K7M 5S3

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