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2017 Bowman’s Best continues a tradition of refractors, rookies and autographs

Collectors expecting to find refractors, rookies and autographs in 2017 Bowman's Best won't be disappointed when they start opening packs.
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It may be the offseason for Major League Baseball play on the field, but there isn’t an offseason when it comes to collecting baseball cards.

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Arriving on store shelves in December, 2017 Bowman’s Best is the next baseball release for card collectors to chase after. The cards in this year’s product features the biggest 2017 performances as well as autograph cards of the year’s top MLB draft picks.

Each 8-box case will guarantee more Atomic Refractors than ever before. Each case will also include: one Monochrome Autograph card, two Baseball America’s 2017 Dean’s List Atomic Refractor Parallels, two 1997 Best Cuts Atomic Refractor parallels, and one Mirror Image Atomic Refractor Parallel.

The base set has nine parallels - Refractor, Atomic Refractor, Purple Refractor, Blue Refractor, Green Refractor, Gold Refractor, Orange Refractor, Red Refractor, and SuperFractor.

The Baseball America 2017 Dean’s List insert has the publication, Baseball America, grading the game’s biggest prospects and young stars.

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The 1997 Best Cuts insert features retired greats, current veterans and top prospects on a reproduction of the 1997 Bowman’s Best Cuts design.

Top MLB rookies from the 2017 season are featured in a colorful design in the Rating Rookies insert.

Autographs are plentiful in the Best of 2017 Autographs insert. Players include veterans, draft picks and prospects. The insert also includes six parallels.

Dual Autographs showcase paired subjects with on-card autographs. Also look for Atomic Refractor and SuperFractor parallels.

New in 2017 is Monochrome Autographs, which features on-card autographs from the top 1st Round picks from the 2017 MLB Draft, as well as top veterans and elite prospects. Also available are Gold Refractor, Atomic Refractor and SuperFractor parallel cards.