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A selection of baseball stars who sign through the mail

Autograph collectors looking to add baseball player autographs to their collections may have some success if they contact these former MLB players.

By Bryan Petrulis

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Baseball players are some of the best signers of all professional athletes. With some politeness, accurate postage and a friendly note, you’ll find much success with the individuals below.

The list below showcases the player’s name, date autograph request was sent, date the autograph request was returned, what was signed and how it was signed.

When possible, the autograph request is addressed to the player, in care of the team, and sent to the team’s offices.

For more information on athlete mailing addresses, e-mail

Name Status Date Sent Date Rec How the Player Signed

Baldwin, Dave Retired 1/20/17 2/3/17 card & his book in blue Sharpie

Childress, Rocky Retired 4/27/17 5/11/17 card in blue Sharpie

Clemons, Doug Retired 6/5/17 6/15/17 card in blue Sharpie

Combe, Geoff Retired 3/18/17 4/1/17 card in blue Sharpie

Dunbar, Matt Retired 2/4/17 2/13/17 card in blue Sharpie

Elia, Lee Retired 5/20/17 6/2/17 card in blue Sharpie

Gomez, Luis Retired 2/11/17 3/16/17 card in blue Sharpie

Hanna, Preston Retired 6/17/17 6/29/17 card in blue Sharpie

Higgins, Dennis Retired 2/4/17 2/24/17 card in blue Sharpie

Howell, Jay Retired 3/8/17 3/23/17 card in blue Sharpie

Kutzler, Jerry Retired 3/8/17 3/27/17 card in blue Sharpie

Lukasiewicz, Mark Retired 3/25/17 4/1/17 card in blue Sharpie

Mason, Jim Retired 4/29/17 5/13/17 card in blue Sharpie

McCabe, Joe Retired 5/20/17 5/27/17 card in blue Sharpie

Merchant, Andy Retired 4/22/17 5/1/17 card in blue Sharpie

O’Donoghue, John Retired 1/20/17 1/30/17 card in blue Sharpie

Ott, Ed Retired 2/11/17 2/21/17 card in blue Sharpie

Rhodes, Karl Retired 2/4/17 5/5/17 card in blue Sharpie

Rhymes, Will Retired 1/20/17 1/28/17 card in blue Sharpie

Rosello, Dave Retired 2/11/17 5/1/17 card in blue Sharpie

Stillman, Royle Retired 3/18/17 3/29/17 card in blue Sharpie

Addresses For Former Players Who Sign

Baldwin, Dave P.O. Box 190, Yachats, OR 97498

Elia, Lee 11613 Innfields Dr., Odessa, FL 33556

Gomez, Luis 676 Chesterfield Dr., Lawreceville, GA 30044-5624

Hanna, Preston 5552 Mayfair Dr., Pensacola, FL 32506

Howell, Jay 4560 Colony Point, Suwanne, GA 30024

Mason, Jim 11410 Queens Way, Theodore, AL 36556

Merchant, Andy P.O. Box 8, Malcolm, AL 36556

O’Donoghue, John 10107 Summer Field, Dr., Denham Springs, LA 70726

Rhodes, Karl 8600 Fawnmeadow Lane, Cincinnati, OH 45242

Rhymes, Will 299 E. Raymond Ave., Alexandria, VA 22301

Rosello, Dave 1030 Hermosa Way, Kissimmee, FL 34744-7220

Sillman, Royle 580 JB Ct., Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

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Here are a few reasonably priced Hall of Famers answering through the mail:

• Jim Rice is $10 per card, cash only. 35 Bobby Jones Dr., Andover, MA 01810

• Whitey Herzog is $5 per card. 4426 Sappington East Dr., St. Louis, MO 63127

• Brooks Robinson is $10 per card. 11320 John Carroll Road, Owings Mills, MD 21117