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Was an autopen used for Dak Prescott autographs?

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Dak Prestcott autographed cards that were part of Panini America’s Prizm Football release have come into question as to whether Prescott used an autopen to apply the signatures to the cards.

ESPN reported on July 5 that Beckett Grading Services had refused to verify Prescott’s signature on redemption cards from Panini’s 2016 Prizm set.

The ESPN article stated that Steve Grad, principal authenticator at Beckett, said the decision to not verify Prescott’s signature came after Beckett looked at five autographed cards received from collectors who had received the redemption cards.

“They had a very machine-like feel. You could see the starts and stops,” Grad was quoted in the ESPN article about the Prescott autographs.

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Since the ESPN article was released, the topic has hit the mainstream media, and has become a topic of discussion in and out of the hobby.

The Prescott autograph situation has become a topic of discussion on the Blowout Cards Forum. In a thread about the topic, collectors have alleged Panini has recalled the Prescott redemption cards in question.

As of the morning of July 6, Panini had yet to issue an official statement about the issue.