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White's Heisman brings in $293,750 at Grey Flannel

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Two people won the Heisman Trophy recently. One, of course, was Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith. The other was an undisclosed West Coast collector, who paid $293,750 for Charles White's 1979 award from an auction conducted by Grey Flannel Auctions that ended Dec. 7.

It was the second time White's Heisman came to market in recent years. It initially sold for $184,000.

"We're thrilled with the sale," said Rich Russek, Grey Flannel Auction's president and CEO. "Our customers and consignors are seeing the value in the truly outstanding, historic pieces in sports. The Heisman is clearly one of these."

The Grey Flannel sale did set a record for the highest amount ever paid for a set of Super Bowl tickets. The set of 39 unused tickets sold for $87,244, blitzing the previous record of $56,504 in May 2004 for a set of graded tickets.

"This classic event has ripened and matured to a much-deserved place in history, particularly as it is reflected in the minds of astute collectors," Russek said. "A lot of guys were in the running for the Super Bowl tickets."

The overall sale grossed more than $1.5 million. The next Grey Flannel sale is in May and, thus far, features a collection owned by Mark Southerland, who has amassed the largest sports-related tobacco advertising collection ever assembled, Russek said.

Football memorabilia - namely jerseys - dominated the sale. Y.A. Tittle's San Francisco 49ers gamer from the late 1950s sold for $31,485, while "Dandy" Don Meredith's game-used blue durene jersey from the early 1960s - with the stars on the shoulders - sold for $31,279.

"Both of these jerseys are really scarce items," Russek said. "We're pleased, really honored, that people throughout the country and even overseas trust our ability to present such unique items."

A 1974 Joe Namath Jets jersey sold for $19,550. Namath teammate Emerson Boozer's game-used, white durene jersey from 1968-69 sold for $10,393.

Gale Sayers' game-used, navy durene, cotton-blend Bears jersey from the 1960s sold for $18,439.

Among other top football items that sold were:
• Johnny Unitas' game-used, autographed San Diego Chargers jersey from 1973, sold for $9,694.
• Dan Marino's complete Dolphins game-used Uniform (signed) sold for $12,199.
• John Elway's 1985 Broncos helmet sold for $6,881.

Meanwhile, baseball jerseys and other memorabilia also fared well in the auction. Leo Durocher's road manager's jersey from the 1954 New York Giants sold for $21,748.

A 1977 game-used Tom Seaver knit road jersey attracted a winning bid of $17,603.

Eddie Mathews' 1965 Milwaukee Braves game-used road flannel, also signed, sold for $12,273.

Maury Allen's Mets World Series championship ring from 1969, sold for $17,032.

Finally, a program from the inaugural opening day of Yankee Stadium - April 18, 1923 - sold for $8,115.

In other auction news, Michael Jordan's alternate road Bulls jersey and two pair of shorts sold for $13,503. Muhammad Ali-worn boxing trunks signed by both Ali and Angelo Dundee sold for $5,816. Below Ali's signature was a sketch of a boxing ring. Also, Wayne Gretzky's game-used white Los Angeles King jersey from 1990-91 sold for $15,448.

Grey Flannel Auction Results
Dec. 6, 2006

Descriptions provided by auction company Total ($)
1979 Heisman Trophy presented to USC's Charles White $293,750
Run of Super Bowl graded tickets (39) $87,244
Late '50s Y.A. Tittle 49ers g-u, signed jersey (Mears A10) $31,485
Early 1960s Don Meredith Cowboys g-u blue jersey $31,279
Mid-1950s Ted Williams Red Sox g-u home flannel jersey $22,943
1954 Leo Durocher Giants manager-worn road flann jersey $21,748
1952 Topps complete baseball card set w/graded cards $21,579
Circa 1974 Joe Namath Jets game-used white mesh jersey $19,550
Late 1960s Gale Sayers Bears g-u jersey (MEARS A10) $18,439
1977 Tom Seaver Mets game-used road jersey $17,603
1969 Maury Allen Mets World Series champ ring $17,032
1990-91 Wayne Gretzky Kings game-used white jersey $15,448
1997-98 Michael Jordan Bulls g-u road alt. jersey & shorts $13,503
1970s George Gervin Spurs game-used home jersey $12,275
1965 Eddie Mathews Braves g-u & signed road flan jersey $12,273
1992 Dan Marino Dolphins g-u & signed complete uniform $12,199
Christopher Reeve's original Superman costume $10,823
1968-69 Emerson Boozer Jets g-u & signed white jersey $10,393
1965-67 Don Drysdale Dodgers game-used bat $9,952
1973 Johnny Unitas Chargers game-used & signed helmet $9,694
Early 1980s "Magic" Johnson Lakers g-u home jersey $8,817
1960s Roberto Clemente Pirates game-used cap $8,387
4/18/1923 Yankee Stadium inaugural opening day program $8,115
1985 John Elway Broncos game-used helmet $6,881
Circa 1993 Jim Kelly Bills game-used & signed white jersey $6,786
2001 Barry Bonds Giants game-used & signed HR bat $6,479
2004 Curtis Martin Jets game-used green mesh jersey $6,463
1983 Jack Lambert Steelers g-u black jersey $6,298
1964 Mel Renfro Dallas Cowboys g-u blue durene jersey $6,136
1994 Michael Jordan Birm Barons g-u & signed road jersey $5,875
Katharine Hepburn's last car $5,875
Circa 1985 Jim McMahon Bears game-used navy mesh jsy $5,816
Muhammad Ali worn trunks signed by Angelo Dundee & Ali $5,816
Circa 1992 Reggie White Eagles g-u & signed green mesh jsy $5,413
1965 Roger Maris Yankees game-used bat $5,353
Early 1990s Deion Sanders Falcons g-u & signed white jersey $5,170
1986-87 Julius Erving 76ers g-u home jersey $4,912
2003-04 LeBron James Cavaliers g-u & signed road jersey $4,732
1994 Alex Rodriguez Mariners game-used home jersey $4,692
Circa 1977 Tony Dorsett Pitt Panthers tear-away g-u jersey $4,579
Early 1970s Bob Hayes Cowboys game-used blue jersey $4,540
Circa 1983 John Riggins Redskins game-used white jersey $4,422
T. Shinjo g-u bat, gloves, wrist pads, signed helmet & cleats $4,311
1962 Dallas Texans AFL World Champions ring $4,302
1989-90 Larry Bird Celtics worn road warm-up jacket $4,241
1956 Bob Aspromonte Dodgers g-u home flannel jersey $4,201
1986 Nolan Ryan Astros game-used home jersey $4,163
2000 Brett Favre Packers game-used green mesh jersey $4,113
Mid-1960s Bob Nevin NY Rangers blue tie-down jersey $4,113
9/25/05 Michael Vick Falcons g-u & signed white jsy & pants $3,996
1995 Michael Jordan Bulls game-used & signed shoes $3,893
1990 Steve McCatty Oakland A's ALCS ring $3,567
1973 Pete Rose Reds g-u & signed home jersey & pants $3,531
1976 Reggie Jackson Orioles game-used road jersey $3,525
10/3/99 Terry Glenn Patriots g-u & signed white mesh jersey $3,463
1980 Reggie Jackson Yankees g-u home jersey & pants $3,361
1974 Muhammad Ali World Champion entourage ring $3,351
2005 David Wright Mets game-used & signed home jersey $3,351
2005 Pedro Martinez Mets game-used home pinstripe jersey $3,350
Late 1970s Chuck Foreman Vikings game-used purple jersey $3,322
1972 Willie Mays game-used & signed bat $3,231
1947 Brooklyn Dodgers team-signed baseball $3,231
Joe DiMaggio's Restaurant autographed flannel jerseys $3,192
1973 Yankee Stadium original double seat $3,135
1986-87 Gil Perreault Sabres game-used & signed blue jersey $3,127
1991-92 Kiki Vandeweghe Knicks g-u road jersey & shorts $3,055
2004 LaDainian Tomlinson Chargers game-used white jersey $2,967
Collection of 50 Phil "Scooter" Rizzuto autographed bats $2,9152006 Albert Pujols Cardinals game-used road jersey $2,844
Early 1990s Barry Sanders Lions g-u & signed blue jersey $2,840
Joe Namath NY Jets autographed 16-by-20 $2,840
2005-06 Andrew Bogut Bucks g-u home jersey & shorts $2,801
1984-85 Michael Jordan Bulls game-used rookie sneakers $2,773
1997 Marvin Harrison Colts game-used & signed white jersey $2,769
Early 1980s Walter Payton Bears game-used navy jersey $2,769

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