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Vlasak, De Simone Original Art in Auctions Sale

Two excellent sports artists, Daryl Vlasak and Charlie De Simone, have consigned pieces of Walter Johnson, Ernie Banks, Joe Jackson and more to the debut sale for Auctions.
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  • Publish date: Auctions is gearing up for its debut sale. The kicks off May 29 and ends June 18.

If you enjoy artwork some of the legends of the game, you'll enjoy the Daryl Vlasak and Charlie De Simone original art that will be a part of the Auctions sale.

Vlasak is contributing a Babe Ruth/Miller Huggins piece, along with Walter Johnson and Joe Jackson artwork. De Simone has consigned pieces devoted to Brooks Robinson, Ernie Banks and Stan Musial.

To see this beautiful pieces of art, watch the video below.

For more information on Auctions, visit or call (888) 463-3063.

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