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Vintage hockey jerseys highlight October Classic C

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Opportunities to obtain truly rare hockey collectibles are few, but the Classic Collectibles-Que Elmer Lach October auction is one of those opportunities. Leading the way will be vintage hockey jerseys, including a Bobby Orr 1968-69 Boston Bruins game-worn jersey and a 1930s Russ Blinco Montreal Maroons game-worn jersey.

According the the item description, the Orr game-worn jersey (right) was worn "on the road" by Orr throughout the 1968-69 season. There are also numerous photos matching the jersey to that season. Midway through the auction, the jersey had already received 12 bids, and was up to $57,000.

The 1930s Russ Blinco game-worn jersey is a rare find indeed. It is the first time ever that Classic Collectibles-Que has offered a Montreal Maroons game-worn sweater. Also, to the auction company's knowledge, this is the first Maroons jersey that has ever come up in any auction. There reportedly are only three or four Maroons jerseys known to reside in collectors' hands today, and when they have exchanged hands, it has always been in a private sale. Midway through the auction, the jersey had received seven bids and was up to $30,250.

Other highlighted game-worn jerseys in the auction include: a Patrick Roy 1985-86 rookie Montreal Canadians, photo matched; a 1996 Wayne Gretzky Los Angeles Kings, with a Gretzky LOA; a Gilles Meloche 1977-78 Cleveland Barons; a Sidney Crosby 2005-06 Pittsburgh Penguins rookie, photo matched; and a 1985-86 Marty McSorley Edmonton Oilers game-worn jersey that Doug Risebrough destroyed after the two got into a fight during a game that season.

In the auction, there are 34 lots of items from The Elmer Lach Collection. Numerous trophies associated with Lach are available, including: his 1952-53 Canadiens Stanley Cup Championship trophy; a 1943-44 Canadiens miniature Stanley Cup Championship 13-inch trophy; a 1945-46 Canadiens miniature Stanley Cup Championship 13-inch trophy; and a 1952-53 Canadiens miniature Stanley Cup Championship 13-inch trophy.

Other highlighted items from the Lach collection include: a 1943-44 Canadiens Stanley Cup Championship silver tray that was presented to Lach; his 1946-47 Canadiens Championship silver pitcher; his 1952-53 Stanley Cup winning goal puck; his original Hockey Hall of Fame gold ring; his updated Hockey Hall of Fame gold ring; and his 1944-45 Hart Trophy Commemorative silver tray.

Other highlighted Bobby Orr items in the auction include: his 1970s miniature James Norris Memorial 13-inch trophy; his 1970 Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Championship 13-inch trophy; his 1972 Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Championship gold ring; and a 1960s Orr autographed, game-used Northland stick.

No hockey auction would be complete without some Gretzky items. Other highlighted Gretzky items in the auction include: his 1983-84 record-setting 51st consecutive game point scoring streak game-used stick; a Gretzky Oilers 1982 goal puck, framed with photographs; his 1981-82 autographed Titan stick, used to tie Phil Esposito's record; and his first game-used stick as a New York Ranger.

Collectors looking for jerseys of current players also have their chance, as 56 game-worn jerseys from the 2005-06 Edmonton Oilers will be available. The jerseys include the home blues, the road whites and a handful of third alternate jerseys.

An auction lot that is getting a lot of attention is the Denis Brodeur photograph collection of approximately 100,000 hockey photos. Brodeur was the longtime Montreal Canadiens' freelance photographer, first beginning at the Montreal Forum in 1968. He worked more than 1,500 games at the Montreal Forum.

In addition to the NHL photos he had taken, the lot also includes photos from some of the most memorable international hockey battles. The lot also includes 500 shots from 13 Stanley Cup playoffs, some 400 fight photos, 300 comical action shots, photographs of 100 different coaches, photos of 300 referees and linesmen, 1,000 shots of different individual players and 800 from special events.

The auction ends on Oct. 24. For more information, visit