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Vintage card sets in high demand in EAC Gallery Ju

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In a lot of sports auctions, game-used memorabilia and autographed items usually steal the headlines but that wasn't the case in the sports portion of EAC Gallery's July auction. Complete vintage baseball card sets took center stage in 11 of the top 23 spots of the sports portion of the auction.

There were 11 complete Topps Baseball sets presented in albums included in the auction, with a 1961 set at the head of the pack, selling for $2,947. The remaining sets sold for: 1954 ($2,357); 1959 ($1,770); 1967 ($1,770); 1960 ($1,755); 1966 ($1,209); 1963 ($1,198); 1964 ($1,181); 1965 ($799); 1969 ($777); and 1968 ($733).

Other top-selling items included: a Babe Ruth autographed unofficial ball ($10,986) (right); a Ruth-signed unique original portrait drawing ($5,125); a Michael Jordan signed limited-edition three Chicago Bulls jersey set ($2,475); a Mickey Mantle limited-edition giclee by the artist Stephen Holland and signed by Holland ($2,124); a Ted Williams, Bobby Orr and Larry Bird limited-edition "Boys of Boston" signed photo ($2,013); and a Lou Gehrig limited-edition giclee by Holland and signed by Holland.

There were also plenty of game-used and autographed items in the auction, especially baseball items. Some of the highlighted baseball items included: a Jackie Robinson autographed Giles N.L. ball ($1,181); a Hall of Famers and old-timers autographed Giles N.L. ball ($1,089); a Ted Williams autographed bat from Upper Deck ($932); a signed Bobby Orr lithograph by LeRoy Neiman ($825); a 1997 Florida Marlins World Champions black bat ($750); a Hall of Famers and old timers autographed Kuhn 1983 official All-Star ball ($726); a 1958 World Champion Yankees autographed Harridge official A.L. ball ($706); one dozen Cal Ripken Jr. "2131" autographed Budig official A.L. commemorative balls ($700); a Mike Piazza signed rookie era game-used bat ($660); a 1940 American League Champions Detroit Tigers black bat ($660); a 2006 Dominican Republic team-signed World Baseball Classic jersey ($600); a Mickey Mantle autographed Cronin A.L. ball ($500); a Detroit Tigers signed book with more than 125 signatures ($500); and a 1991 Braves National League Champions black bat ($500).

Top football items in the auction included: a Frank Leahy 8-by-10-inch signed photo ($518); a Heisman Trophy winners signed football helmet ($385); and a Terry Bradshaw signed jersey ($200).

Top selling basketball items in the auction included: a LeBron James signed Cavaliers jersey from Upper Deck ($500); a Pete Maravich document signed ($350); a Wilt Chamberlain 16-by-20-inch signed photo ($316); and a Chamberlain and John Havlicek signed limited-edition lithograph ($250).

Top selling hockey items in the auction included: a Wayne Gretzky signed 1980 All-Star limited-edition jersey ($483); a 1980 gold medal USA Olympic hockey team-signed American flag ($400); a 1980 gold medal USA Olympic hockey team signed jersey ($363); a Bobby Orr 1976 signed limited-edition Canada Cup jersey ($330); a Gretzky 20-by-24-inch limited-edition signed photo ($303); and a 1980 gold medal USA Olympic hockey team 16-by-20-inch signed photo.

Other highlighted sports items in the auction included: a horseshoe from Native Dancer worn in the 1953 Preakness ($1,141); a Muhammad Ali 8-by-10-inch signed photo "Cassius Clay" ($383); a Pele-signed soccer ball ($242); and a Pele 16-by-20-inch signed photo ($242).

Highlighted non-sport items included: a Paul Revere Revolutionary War dated, signed document ($13,200, above); a George Washington free-franked envelope signed ($10,986); a Washington document signed as President ($4,400); a Rachel Jackson autographed letter signed ($4,392); and a Robert E. Lee Carte De Visite signed photo ($3,993).

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