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Unopened Product Bonanza at Collect Auctions

Collect Auctions delivers its largest offering of unopened product to date, headlined by a 1975 Topps Baseball vending case and nearly 50 other lots.

With the market seemingly infused with more money than ever before on the buying end, and prices realized for high-end items reflecting the influx of cash, more and more collectors are looking for virgin sources for items such as sportscards.

The last hurrah for such a source is unopened product. With each cello pack, vending box or case that is busted open, there are hopes and dreams of Gem Mint or Mint cards inside, which are bringing a premium on the secondary market.

A hurdle to overcome is finding sources for unopened product. You aren’t going to find them in every shop or auction. One place that has an abundance of unopened product this spring is Collect Auctions, featuring more than 50 different unopened lots. Bidding starts Mar. 23 and ends April 2 at

Topping the list is an unopened vending case of 1975 Topps Baseball, one of the most sought-after sets from the 1970s. Bidding kicks off at $10,000. Another gem is a 1970-71 Topps Basketball 2nd Series vending box.


“Every collector dreams of cracking open a box of old product, but how often do you get that chance?” said Steve Bloedow, director of Collect Auctions. “In this sale, we provide multiple opportunities to experience that joy.”

The other top draws in the unopened category include the following vending boxes: 1968 Topps Baseball 7th Series, 1970 Topps Baseball 4th Series, 1970 Topps Baseball 5th Series, 1971 Topps Baseball 3rd Series, 1972 Topps Baseball 3rd Series, 1970-72 Topps Football Series 1, 1971-72 Topps Basketball, 1980-81 Topps Basketball, 1968-69 Topps Hockey, 1971-72 Topps Hockey and 1975-78 Topps Baseball.

Speaking of vintage cards in their original state, Collect Auctions will also offer Post Cereal box backs filled with cards – not cut out like what is usually found in the market. The auction will feature group lots of uncut Post Cereal cards from 1961-63 baseball and 1961 football examples.

Another staple of Collect Auctions is signed card sets. This auction will feature a 1975 Topps baseball signed near complete set (640/660) and 1985 Topps Baseball signed near-complete set (788/792).

More autograph highlights include a Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris signed 8-by-10 photo (PSA/DNA 9) and a Roberto Clemente signed 1959 Topps card. Yankee fans will also enjoy a 1978 Yankees team-signed photo and index card display that includes Thurman Munson, along with tickets to Games 1-6 from the 1978 World Series.


Derek Jeter memorabilia is off the charts for a modern-era player. This auction will include a Jeter signed 25-by-31-inch lithograph hand-numbered limited-edition (5-of-22) signed by the artist, Adam Port (Steiner).

Game-used memorabilia highlights feature a Robin Yount 1991-93 game-used and signed Louisville Slugger bat (graded MEARS A8) and a Carl Yastrzemski 1978-79 game-used Louisville Slugger bat (graded MEARS A8). Game-used bats from Joe Mauer (2009, MVP year), Joe Morgan (1981-83), Kirby Puckett (1993 All-Star Game) and Rod Carew (1983-85) are also available. A Bobby Thomson 1955 game-used Milwaukee Braves home flannel jersey leads the game-used jersey portion of the sale.

Excellent baseball signatures include a scarce Harry Hooper single-signed MacGregor baseball, Rogers Hornsby signed 3-by-5 index card, Larry Lajoie signed B&W HOF plaque postcard and Mel Ott signed B&W HOF plaque postcard.

High-profile signatures in the non-sports world include Aaron Burr signed bank check (1800), William Fargo signed original stock certificate (1868) and Mahatma Gandhi signed House of Commons card (dated Sept. 16, 1931).

For more information on this auction, visit or call (888) 463-3063.