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T206 White Borders headline Sotheby's/SCP

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Sotheby's and SCP officials were in the middle of prepping for their major live auction in New York City last June when a wealthy Sotheby's client (that's not necessarily redundant) walked into the famous Sotheby's showroom with a box of baseball cards.


"We started glancing through the box and it was just unbelievable," said SCP President David Kohler. What they were looking at was a stash of high-grade T206 White Borders, perhaps 300 or more of some of the most coveted cards in the hobby in a condition that would turn the heads of the most ardent hobbyists.

The cards, virtually all from the Piedmont 150 Series and including a liberal sprinkling of Hall of Famers and difficult low-population specimens, are among the highlights of the Sotheby's/SCP Internet auction, which will run from Nov. 14-30 at

Dubbed the "The New York City Find" of high-grade T206s, the pristine cards not surprisingly yielded some lofty grades when submitted to PSA. Ninety-eight cards from the find are set to be offered as individual lots in the sale, with much of the rest of the find slanted for the Sotheby's/SCP live auction next summer.


"Even these low-population singles can go crazy," Kohler continued, "because there are so many people working on high-grade T206 sets. The condition of the group is nothing short of extraordinary, having defied the typical ravages of admiring hands and adverse elements of nature."

Some of the marquee pieces:


? 1909-11 T206 Chief Bender (Portrait), PSA 8
? 1909-11 T206 Roger Bresnahan (Portrait) PSA 8
? 1909-11 T206 Mordecai Brown (Cubs on Shirt) PSA 8
? 1909-11 T206 Fred Clarke (Portrait) PSA 8
? 1909-11 T206 Johnny Evers (Portrait) PSA 8
? 1909-11 T206 Walter Johnson (Portrait) PSA 8
? 1909-11 T206 Willie Keeler (With Bat) PSA 9
? 1909-11 T206 Willie Keeler (Portrait) PSA 8
? 1909-11 T206 Nap Lajoie (Portrait) PSA 8
? 1909-11 T206 Nap Lajoie (Throwing) PSA 8
? 1909-11 T206 Rube Marquard (Hands at Thighs) PSA 8
? 1909-11 T206 Iron Man McGinnity PSA 8
? 1909-11 T206 Rube Waddell (Portrait) PSA 8

Also featured in the sale is another recent discovery that will attract the interest of PCL and type collectors. A fresh group of 20 high-grade Obak T4 "Cabinet" premiums will be offered on an individual basis, including a stellar example of the key, Buck Weaver. Kohler noted that prior to the discovery of these 20 examples, there were only 61 different T4s that had been cataloged. Of this group of 20, nine are previously unknown, and will soon take the number of catalogud examples to 70.


The rest of the 750-plus items will be featured in Sotheby's/SCP Auctions full-color catalog as well as on the SCP Auctions website at The auction was also featured in the Dec. 1 (last week) issue of SCD. Call (800) 350-2273 for more information.

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