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Steiner inks exclusive deals with Grossman, Weis

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Steiner Sports Marketing has announced exclusive autograph agreements with Chicago Bears quarterback Rex Grossman and Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis.

The deal with Grossman will include autographed and game-used collectibles as well as a public appearance. Game-used collectibles will also be available. The deal with Weis will include private signings and fan appearances, autographed game-used items including footballs, limited-edition Notre Dame artwork, and exclusive photos. Private signings with Weis will be held Nov. 14 and Dec.19, while a meet-and-greet session is slated for March 16.

Steiner Sports recently formed exclusive memorabilia marketing relationships with Notre Dame and Syracuse University that are similar to its deals with the New York Yankees and Mets.

More information on the Grossman and Weis products is available at

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