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SCP Auctions Announces 'The Chesapeake Find' of Wagner, Other T206s

SCP Auctions has announced The Chesapeake Find of 1909-11 T206s, more than 3,500 cards in all, which includes the vaunted Honus Wagner, graded PSA 1(mk).

The news keeps coming at The National. A find of more than 3,500 T206s has been unveiled by SCP Auctions.

SCP Auctions submitted the prize item of The Chesapeake Find of T206s, Honus Wagner, and it came back PSA 1(MK).


In addition to this largely unknown specimen of the hobby's most legendary card, this astounding hoard of more than 3,500 raw T206s includes Plank as well as multiples of rarities such as Magie, Demmitt, O'Hara and others. Dozens each of Hall of Famers such as Cobb, Mathewson, Young, Johnson, et al., are represented, including more than 50 different Cobbs. Rare backs and print variations abound.

SCP said these cards will be featured as part of the company's Fall Premier Auction. Those at The National can check out the card at SCP Auctions booth (1001P, 1005P, 1100P, 1104P).

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