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Scarce 'Shoeless' Joe up for bid Oct. 5

Shoeless Joe Old Mill card

1910 Old Mill T210 "Shoeless" Joe Jackson card. (Photos courtesy Clean Sweep Auctions)

Clean Sweep’s upcoming auction, which closes Oct. 5, includes an extremely scarce card of the legendary “Shoeless” Joe Jackson. The T210 Old Mill Series 8 card, issued in 1910, features Jackson in his New Orleans Pelicans team uniform.

The card is among the handful of cards that can be reasonable argued to be the greatest of all baseball cards ever produced, according to Clean Sweep Auctions' Steve Verkman. A truly tragic figure, immortalized in film and in prose, Jackson remains among the most famous and adored baseball players to ever play the game.

Jackson’s early years of play began with a slow start (five games played in 1908 and again in 1909, and 20 games in 1910), in an otherwise stellar career — represented by Jackson’s .356 career batting average among other performance highlights. All told, Jackson played 136 games for the New Orleans Pelicans AAA team, batting .352.

The offered card is fresh to the market and does not even appear on the PSA population report, or appear on the VCP website. Distinctive red or orange borders, the card is part of an extensive Minor League set. Making it a rare find among an equally rare series of cards.

“An almost mythic figure, he has very few cards and this is by far the king of his cards,” Verkman said. Past Auction Appearances Limited

Past Auction Appearances Limited

Although examples of this card have appeared at auction before, it hasn’t been often. As for prior sales, the following is a list of sale prices for examples sold during the past eight years: PSA Authentic Altered ($56,028 in November 2015 and $102,000 in December 2008), SGC Authentic ($68,712 in May 2015), PSA 2: (same card for $96,631 in December 2012 and $83,650 in July 2015), $111,625 in May 2010 and $83,810 in July 2009; SGC 2 (same card sold for $83,650 in July 2015 and $96,631 in December 2012); SGC 3 ($168,000 in April 2015) and PSA 3.5 ($199,750 in May 2011).

As with all old cards, each of the above examples has aspects that impact interest and value. However, a key element of the card offered in the Clean Sweep auction is that it is two

Old Mill card reverse

The reverse of the Old Mill T210 card featuring "Shoeless" Joe Jackson

grades above anything else that has traded. It is almost certainly the nicest example in a graded holder, Verkman explained.

It is very well centered, has rich red borders, a perfectly clean and fine image and a clean surface. The corners show only mild and consistent wear. There is the faintest of paper wrinkles by the left border, which is not visible without magnification. The generic back has no damage or paper loss. There is a slight stamp with evidence of possible one-time scrapbook removal, although not extensive impact.

With the recent explosion in prices for trophy cards including a PSA 5 1952 Topps Mantle trading for $125,000, PSA 7s for nearly $200,000 and PSA 8s for $500,000, and the condition of the 1908 Old Mill Series “Shoeless” Joe Jackson card and the incredibly limited availability, puts it on the radar of collector interest.

For more information on this auction, call (516) 338-8557 or visit

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