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Ruth-signed baseball, bat headlines Coach's Corne

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Several Babe Ruth-related items figured prominently in Coach's Corner's late-March auction.

A Ruth single-signed Official AL Harridge ball sold for $4,410 and became the top item in the 3,683-item auction. Other Ruth-related items included a ball signed by both he and teammate Lou Gehrig that changed hands for $3,104, a bat personalized to "Tony" brought in $2,720, a Hall-of-Fame plaque sold for $2,405, a ball personalized to 1930s sportswriter (and Goudey baseball card back author) Christy Walsh that went for $2,765, a Ruth-signed Rawlings glove sold for $1,163 and a magazine photo of Ruth instructing another player sold for $1,688.

A Lou Gehrig single-signed Official AL Harridge ball went for $3,422 and a ball signed by Negro League immortal Rube Foster brought $3,323. A second Gehrig ball, this one circa the 1920s, sold for $2,000.

Other noteworthy sales included $2,800 for a Ty Cobb signed game-used ball and another for $1,250, $2,683 was paid for a Lloyd Waner hand-signed Perez-Steele postcard, a Jim Thorpe signed baseball sold for $1,968, a Honus Wagner signed ball brought $1,733, a Grover Cleveland Alexander ball went for $1,502, a Roy Campanella ball sold for $1,313 and a Jackie Robinson signed NL ball brought $1,213.

A hand-written letter on National Hotel (Washington, D.C.) stationery from aviation pioneer Wilbur Wright brought $3,150. A ball signed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower sold for $1861.

A Rolling Stones signed guitar went for $1,361, an Eagles signed guitar brought $1,340 and a Paul McCartney guitar sold for $1,258. A Beatles signed "Help" album went for $1,090.

Bids for all Coach's Corner Auctions are accepted online at, by phone at 215-721-9162 or by mail prior to the auction date.

- Ted Taylor

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