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Ruth bat leads way in Universal Rarities auction

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Babe Ruth was the center of attention in Universal Rarities' March 30 auction. One of his game-used H&B Signature Model bats, circa 1917-1921 sold for $40,567.

It wasn't only Ruth's game-used bat that sold well. A Ruth signed letter, graded PSA Gem Mint 10, was the second highest selling item in the auction. It sold for $8,284.

07URARuth bat.jpg

Other Ruth items that sold well included: a signed and inscribed photograph from the 1930s ($4,302); a signed and framed First Day Cover display ($3,436); a vintage ink signature display ($2,768); and a signed bank check ($2,133).

Other top selling sports items in the auction, included: a NBA 50 Greatest signed display ($8,384); a 2001 Bowman Chrome Refractor Albert Pujols autograph ($4,460); a Lance Armstrong 2002 Tour de France signed and worn podium jersey ($3,436); and a 2005 Peyton Manning game-used Colts home jersey ($3,123).

Universal Rarities Auction Results
March 30, 2007

Descriptions provided by auction company Total ($)
Babe Ruth Game Used H&B Signature Model Baseball Bat
(c.1917-1921) $40,567
Babe Ruth Exceptional Signed Letter w/Signature Graded PSA
Gem Mint 10 $8,384
NBA 50 Greatest Signed Display $8,384
Abraham Lincoln Signed Presidential Document Display w/Choice
Signature $5,541
Gone With The Wind: Margaret Mitchell Signed First Edition
Printing (1936) $5,394
2001 Bowman Chrome Refractor Albert Pujols Autograph $4,460
Babe Ruth Beautiful Signed & Inscribed Signed Photograph
(c. 1930's) $4,302
The Beatles Vintage Group Signed Framed Display $3,779
Babe Ruth Signed Framed First Day Cover Display $3,436
Lance Armstrong 2002 Tour de France Signed & Worn Podium
Jersey $3,436
Elvis Presley Personally Owned & Used Ukulele $3,351
The Beach Boys: Early Group Signed Document (1964) $3,351
Elvis Presley Vintage Signed Document Segment $3,350
2005 Peyton Manning Game Used Colts Home Jersey $3,123
Elvis Presley Personally Owned & Worn Black Leather Turquoise
Bracelet (ex. Joe Franklin Collection) $2,974
2003-04 LeBron James Game Worn Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey $2,948
Anna Nicole Texas Drivers License $2,938
Babe Ruth Vintage Ink Signature Display $2,768
Jose Canseco 1988 World Series Game Used Jersey
w/Inscription $2,458
Michael Jordan 1997-98 Game Worn Nike "Air Jordan" Basketball Shoes (NBA Finals MVP + Final Season w/Bulls) $2,458
Elvis Presley Personally Owned & Worn Striped Casual Sweater $2,458
Lou Gehrig Framed Vintage Signature Display (c. 1936) $2,288
2002 Ichiro Suzuki Game Worn Seattle Mariners Jersey $2,288
Willie Mays - Lot of Twenty-Four (24) Signed OML Baseballs
Graded PSA Mint 9 $2,271
Ted Williams - Lot of Twelve (12) Signed OAL Baseballs Graded
PSA NM+ 7.5 $2,235
Tiger Woods Extremely Rare Signed Ryder Cup Golf Ball $2,235
The Rolling Stones Group Signed Telecaster Guitar $2,235
1934 Philadelphia $1,000 Bill (VG-F) $2,235
2001 Albert Pujols Game Worn Cardinals Road Jersey $2,235
Babe Ruth Signed Bank Check $2,133
Barry Bonds Signed Game Used Baseball Bat $2,032
Super Bowl MVPs Incredible Signed Helmet w/25 Signatures $2,032
2004 Boston Red Sox "Curse Is Reversed" Team Signed Framed
Display $1,956
John Wayne's Vintage Western Lariat Used in "The Cowboys" $1,956
1998-99 Kobe Bryant Signed Game Used Jersey $1,847
John Wayne US Cavalry Scarf Screen Worn in "El Dorado" $1,847
Frank Sinatra Vintage Signed Record Contract Display $1,847
Michael Jordan 1990-91 Game Worn Nike "Air Jordan" Basketball Shoes (NBA Finals MVP + First NBA Championship) $1,784
Steve McQueen's WWII Style Field Jacket from "Hell is for Heroes"
(1962) $1,679
500 Home Run Club Signed Framed Ron Lewis Lithograph $1,664
Barry Bonds - Lot of Twelve (12) Signed ONL Baseballs Graded
PSA Mint 9 $1,664
2004 Boston Red Sox Team Signed 16 x 20 Photo Display $1,630
Alex Rodriguez - Lot of Twelve (12) Signed OML Baseballs
Graded PSA Mint 9 $1,564
Muhammad Ali Signed Pro Model Silk Boxing Robe $1,470
Apollo Astronauts Impressive Signed Apollo 11 25th Anniversary
Lithograph $1,469
Rare 1802 $1 Draped Bust Large Eagle (VF) $1,469
Walt Disney Framed Signed Check Display w/Lithograph $1,388
Three Stooges Rare Vintage Signature Display w/Curly,
Larry & Moe $1,388
Lot of 5 Liberty Gold Coins ($1, $2 1/2, $5, $10 & $20) $1,388
Nolan Ryan - Lot of Twelve (12) Signed OML Baseballs Graded
PSA Gem Mint 10 $1,375
Jacqueline Kennedy Signed Typed Note Display w/ Signature $1,341
Jack Nicholson's Black Beanie from "One Who Flew Over The
Cukoo's Nest" $1,336
"Field Of Dreams" - Burt Lancaster's Leather Doctor's Bag $1,305
Audrey Hepburn Owned & Worn Elegant Single Strand Pearl
Necklace $1,305
"I Love Lucy" William Frawley (Fred Mertz) Screen Worn Bowler
Style Hat $1,305
Mother Teresa Signed 8 x 10 Color Photo $1,305
John Wayne's .357 Magnum Prop Revolver Used in
"Brannigan" $1,291
Hank Greenberg Signed OAL (MacPhail) Baseball $1,264
"Gone With The Wind" Cast Signed Framed Display $1,262
Buffalo Springfield Rare Group Signed Electric Guitar $1,262
Amelia Earhart Signed Photo $1,262
Pete Rose Signed "Apology" on Bart Giamatti Baseball! $1,187
Clark Gable Owned & Used Silver Cigarette Case $1,187
"The Godfather" (1972): Sterling Hayden's Screen Worn
Bowler-Style Hat $1,187
Willie Mays Signed Gamed Model Adirondack Signature Model
Bat (c.1963-67) $1,175
Matthew Broderick's Civil War Era Uniform Worn in "Glory" $1,174
Guns N' Roses Group Signed Custom Electric Guitar $1,174
1927 $20 Gold Saint Gaudens (BU) $1,174
1942 6-piece Proof Set w/Silver Nickel $1,147
Roger Maris Superb Signed 8 x 10 Photo w/"10" Signature $1,108
Set of 4 Indian Gold Pieces ($1, $2 1/2, $5 & $10) (EF/AU) $1,108
Joe DiMaggio Rare Signed Photo kissing Marilyn Monroe! $1,079
Tom Cruise's U.S. Naval Officer Hat from "Top Gun" (1986) $1,067
Alexander The Great Gold Stater circa 85 B.C. (VF/EX) $1,067
Willie Mays - Lot of Ten (10) Signed 16 x 20 "The Catch"
Photographs $1,042
2006 Indianapolis Colts (SB Champs) Team Signed Full-Sized
Helmet (40+ Sigs) $1,012
Robert Stack Grey Fedora Hat Worn as Elliot Ness in
"The Untouchables" $1,007
Vladimir Guerrero Signed Game Used Home Run Bat (2006) $1,005
Kobe Bryant Game Worn & Signed Nike Basketball Shoes
('04-'05 Season) $1,005
Joe Louis - Personally Used Punching Bag $981
1953 Topps Mickey Mantle #82 Graded GAI 5 (EX) $969
John Wayne's U.S. Air Force Hat from "Jet Pilot" (1957) $969
Norman Rockwell Signed Framed Collage with Original Hand
Drawn Artwork $969
1798 $1 Draped Bust Large Eagle (F+) $969
500 Home Run Club Signed Framed Ron Lewis Art Print $947
Roberto Clemente Signed & 3 x 5 Photograph
(PSA Encapsulated) $947
Rudolph Valentino Handwritten & Signed Bank Check $947
2004 New England Patriots (SB Champs) Signed Full-Sized Helmet
(40+ Sigs) $920
Marilyn Monroe Owned and Worn Faux Diamond Cocktail Bracelet $920
Alfred Hitchcock Stunning Signed Vintage Photograph $915
Jack ie Robinson Choice Ink Signature (PSA Slabbed) $915
Joe DiMaggio Personally Owned & Used Engraved Zippo Lighter $913
Unopened 1975 Topps Football Wax Box $913
Lenny Bruce: Bank Check Signed the Day Before His Death $881
Jackie Robinson Signed Letter (1957) $861
2005 Pittsburgh Steelers (SB Champs) Team Signed Football
Helmet (40+ Sigs) $837
1986 $50 Gold Eagle Proof in Presentation Case -
1st Year of Issue $837
Joe DiMaggio & Mickey Mantle Dual Signed Yankees Cap $837
Bill Russell & Wilt Chamberlain Dual Signed Basketball $837
Jimmie Foxx Signed 1961 Golden Press Card #61 (PSA Slabbed) $832
1996 New York Yankees (WS Champs) Ltd. Ed. Team Signed Bat $830
Shaquille O'Neal Game Worn Basketball Shoes $811
2001 Bowman Albert Pujols Autograph RC (NM-MT+) $801
"Bonanza": Dan Blocker Personally Owned & Worn Cowboy Hat $801
Jerry West Authentic 1970's Bronze Statue $785
Roger Maris & Hank Aaron Dual Signed 1979 Topps Card
(PSA Slabbed) $783
The Rolling Stones Group Signed Drumhead $783
The Rolling Stones Group Signed Custom Framed Display $783
Albert Pujols 2005 Game Used "X-Bat" Baseball Bat (Excellent Usage!) $783

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