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Rose-signed baseballs making news again

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It was only a few months ago that Pete Rose caused a stir in the hobby and in the national media. It was at that time, the "I'm Sorry I Bet On Baseball" signed baseballs of his were made public. Since that time, these baseballs have found their way into auctions, allowing collectors to get their hands on them.


Rose is once again causing a stir in the hobby, as he has signed two baseballs with the following inscription, "I'm Sorry I Shot J.F.K." The baseballs were signed during a private signing with Universal Rarities in early January.

According to Jeff Woolf, director of operations for Universal Rarities, Rose signed only two baseballs with the J.F.K. inscription. Wolf stated the idea to sign the baseballs that way came from an off-topic conversation with Rose during the signing. Rose was once on "Late Night with David Letterman," and while discussing the topic of his alleged gambling on baseball, Rose said "next thing they would be saying is that I shot J.F.K."

One of the two baseballs was listed on eBay and generated 29 bids, before closing at $611 on Friday. "We're letting the market decide where the value goes," said Woolf. "We are selling one on eBay to gauge the reaction."
When asked what the plans are for the second baseball, Woolf responded, "We are holding off on the second one, depending on the response the first one gets."

Woolf did point out that, depending on the response, there could be future signings with Rose.

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