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Random thoughts with a purpose

Editor Input Needed
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I was just reading my May 5 issue of SCD and had some thoughts that I wanted to express.
First, I got all excited about SportsFest coming up in June and after reading about how Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart were headlining the autograph booth. On the News Briefs page, it quotes Mitch Adelstein, "What's really exciting is the ability to have their first public appearance after the NFL Draft." Then as I turned to page 25, I see that Bush and Leinart will be appearing at the Tristar show in Houston. Isn't that the first appearance after the NFL Draft? (Editor's Note: The reader is correct, Bush and Leinart's first post-draft appearance will be at Tristar's May show in Houston).
I was also reading Scott Kelnhofer's "Inside Pitch" article and I have to agree with some of the dealers. I think that it is a great idea to limit the number of releases of card sets but to limit the number of cardmakers was a mistake. Donruss produced a very collectable type of product that gave a lot of value for the price. I have been collecting cards from 1970. Topps is by far my favorite but the return of value from a box of Topps cards has been declining ever since the '90s. Upper Deck has been a innovator ever since they began in 1989 but I have not been able to complete one of their sets since 2000. This year they are charging the same amount for a pack but with two fewer cards.
I love collecting, trading and going to shows but the cost associated with doing all of them is making it more difficult each year. I don't think that I will ever stop collecting but it is discouraging.
Well, I can't finish without trying to offer my thoughts on how we can improve our hobby. I would like to see SCD offer a trader's corner. A few pages similiar to the show calendar based on states or regions of the country. A trader could list a field of interest (ie. 2005 Topps Baseball) and maybe what he has to trade and then a contact (e-mail or phone number). I think that the baseball card gods (MLB and MLBPA) need to allow Donruss back into the game but still limit the number of card sets.
I also believe that The National card show can be in other cities besides Chicago and Cleveland so often.
Sorry for the ramblings but I just had to get it out. By the way, if you have any extra 2001 Topps Baseball, let me know because I would like to trade.


- Frank Molitoris
received via e-mail

A page-turning Player Profile
I have been a subscriber to SCD for about a year now and enjoy the publication very much, but I have to admit that I rarely read the player profiles. But recently I read something on the last page of the Ty Cobb Player Profile that was interesting, so I went to the beginning of the article, and it was so good that I could not set it down until I was finished reading the whole thing. I sent the author an e-mail thanking him for writing it, and I just thought I should let you know how much I enjoyed it. I guess this taught me a lesson to read the publication from first page to last.
I am very new to the hobby, but in a short time I have collected all Mickey Mantle Topps and Bowman cards and am now working on collecting Yankee HOFers. Your publication has allowd me to meet many other fine people with similar interests. Thank you for a great publication.

- Tom Viselli
received via e-mail

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