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PSA/DNA Offers Auction QuickOpinion for Autographs

PSA/DNA is offering a new Auction QuickOpinion service that lets prospective bidders get expert opinions on the likely authenticity of signatures.

Bidders in any current online autograph auction can now utilize the expert resources of PSA/DNA to help them make informed decisions before placing bids. With just a few keystrokes, the company’s new Auction QuickOpinionSM service lets prospective bidders get expert opinions on the likely authenticity of signatures.

“Based on the success of the QuickOpinion services we’ve offered to eBay bidders, we are expanding so prospective bidders in any auction containing autographs can have peace of mind by tapping into our expertise,” said Joe Orlando, president of PSA/DNA Authentication Services.

Beginning April 13, collectors and dealers can log onto and simply enter the name of the auction, the lot number and a brief description of the item. PSA/DNA experts then will examine the online scan and offer an opinion on whether the autograph is “Likely Genuine” or “Likely Not Genuine.”

The fee is only $10 per item and can be credited toward the authentication fee if the winning bidder submits the item to PSA/DNA for certification within 60 days of the closing of the auction.

“For the very low fee of $10, you will get the assistance of the most respected experts in the autograph authentication field, taking a quick look at the autograph in question and giving you their unbiased opinion,” said Orlando.

“Because the quality of the scans varies from auction site to auction site, and sometimes from lot to lot, the opinions offered by PSA/DNA Auction QuickOpinion will be non-binding. You will get our expert’s candid reaction to the item based on the quality of the scan and information presented in the lot listing.”

In cases where the online image is not clear or not all autographs are visible on multi-signed items, PSA/DNA may indicate they are “Unable to Render an Opinion,” and the $10 fee will be refunded.

The full details and terms of service for PSA/DNA Auction QuickOpinion can be found online at

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