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PSA 9 E93 Standard Caramel Cobb, Wagner, Mathewson Offered by Mile High

Mile High Card Co. will offer the only PSA 9 examples of Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson and Deacon Philippe of the E93 Standard Caramel issue as part of its July Auction.

Set to begin on June 22, Mile High Card Co.’s July Auction kicks off with the most impressive group of E93 Standard Caramel cards ever offered at auction. Headlined by the only PSA 9 specimens in existence of Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson and Deacon Philippe, 17 of the 30 cards in the E93 series will presented individually for sale.

Created in 1886 by legendary chocolatier Milton Hershey, the Lancaster Caramel Co. was sold for the staggering sum of $1 million in 1900 and broken into smaller companies, the Standard Caramel Co. among them, with Hershey retaining the rights to one of its subsidiaries; the Hershey Chocolate Co. Similar to the E98 series made famous by the recently discovered “Black Swamp” find, this issue from Standard Caramel is considerably more difficult to find in top condition. PSA has graded a comparable number from both sets, with the E98 series yielding 64 PSA 9s and 4 PSA 10s compared to just 13 PSA 9s and no PSA 10’s from the E93 collection. Packed alongside the sticky candy and marketed to children, there are far fewer high-grade survivors compared to T206 cards of the same era, inserted with loose tobacco and marketed to adults.


In addition to four of the 13 existing Mint cards from the E93 series, PSA 8 examples of Napoleon Lajoie, Eddie Plank, Fred Clarke, Mordecai Brown, Clark Griffith, Jim Pastorius, Harry Covaleski, Jim Delehanty and Hooks Wiltse are joined by PSA 7 offerings of Rube Waddell, Davy Jones, George Gibson and Red Dooin.

With about 6 percent of all submissions from the E93 series achieving a grade of PSA 7 or higher, this promises to be a memorable event for early 20th century collectors.

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