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Premier vintage collection boosts Gutierrez event

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The Mike Gutierrez Auction that ends Jan. 26 at was boosted recently by the addition of hundreds of vintage autographs from a private collection that Gutierrez worked on procuring for over a decade. Texas collector Sam Ross died more than a decade ago and was a teen-aged, through-the-mail collector 65 years ago, acquiring hundreds of premier items.

"He had a collection of vintage autographs that he collected when he was younger, mostly they date between 1940-44," Gutierrez said. "The great thing about this collection is that he was collecting through the mail, and he got some of the finest players ever from the 20th century. He wrote away to the stars from the '20s and '30s. It's hundreds of items. He wrote to everybody. There are team sheets, there are cut signatures, signed photos. We have handfuls of Ruths, Cobbs, Wagners, Eddie Collins, Walter Johnson."

Gutierrez calls the collection "The Sam Ross Estate of Vintage Autographs" on the website. He said there is a plethora of "common" player material, plus Hall of Famers, and most of the players are deceased.

"It's all brand new stuff into the hobby," he said. "Never before has it seen anything except our accounting basement in Phoenix. I've been after this for 10 years."

Other late additions to the event were the Ed Gorsuch Memorabilia Estate of modern memorabilia, and team-signed balls from former player Mike Mitchell's Estate. Mitchell played for the Cubs early in the 20th century and the items are primarily from the 1920s.

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