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Orr jersey tops Classic Collectibles-QUE auction

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Bobby Orr scores again, as the game-worn jersey (right) he wore when he scored the Stanley Cup winning goal in 1972 easily led the way in the Classic Collectibles-QUE March auction. With the buyer's premium, the jersey sold for a whopping $140,039.

It wasn't only vintage jerseys that were selling for top dollar. Following the Orr jersey in final selling price realized was a 1966-67 Eddie Shack Maple Leafs Stanley Cup championship ring, which sold for $59,455.

Rounding out the top five items in the auction were vintage jerseys, including: a 1925-26 first year New York Americans Billy Burch game-worn wool sweater ($59,390), a 1941-42 Phil Watson game-worn Rangers wool sweater ($31,279), and a 1969-70 Tim Horton last Maple Leafs game-worn jersey ($27,143).

Classic Collectibles-QUE Auctions Results
March 27, 2007

Descriptions provided by auction company Total ($)
Bobby Orr's 1972 Stanley Cup Finals Game Worn, Photo
Matched Bruins Jersey $140,039
Eddie Shack's 1966-67 Maple Leafs Stanley Cup Ring 59,455
1925-26 First Year New York Americans Billy Burch Game-Worn
Wool Sweater 59,390
Phil Watson's 1941-42 Game-Worn Rangers Wool Sweater 31,279
Tim Horton's 1969-70 Last Maple Leafs Game-Worn Jersey 27,143
Dit Clapper's Circa 1946 Game-Worn Bruins Wool Sweater 24,542
Bobby Orr's Gold Bruins Puck Given to Alan Eagleson 19,388
Gretzky's 1981 Canada Cup Game-Worn Team Canada Jersey 18,800
Sidney Crosby's 2006 World Championships Team Canada
Game-Worn Rookie Jersey 17,185
Ted Kennedy's Mid-1950s Maple Leafs Wool Sweater 14,088
Doug Harvey's 1959-60 Montreal Canadiens Photo Matched
Game Worn Wool Sweater 13,853
1980-81 Mark Messier Game Worn Edmonton Oilers Jersey 12,925
Guy Lafleur's Circa 1974 Montreal Canadiens Autographed,
Photo Matched Game-Worn Jersey 12,824
Bill Cowley's 1940s Boston Bruins Game-Worn Jersey 12,472
Rod Langway's 1983-84 James Norris Memorial Trophy 10,074
Claude Larose's 1972-73 Canadiens Stanley Cup Ring 9,694
1973-74 Stan Mikita Black Hawks Game Worn Jersey 9,219
Mark Messier's 1991 Canada Cup Photo Matched Game Worn
Team Canada Jersey 9,083
Yvan Cournoyer's Circa 1974 Game Worn Canadiens Jersey 9,048
Marcel Dionne's Early-1980s Game Worn Kings Jersey 8,099
Gold Keychain/Knife Presented to Odie Cleghorn after Lester
Patrick Played Goal in the 1928 Stanley Cup Finals 7,948
Brian Leetch's 1998-99 Game Worn Rangers Jersey from Wayne Gretzky's Last Game 7,414
1910-11 C56 Complete 36-Card Set 7,404
Alexander Ovechkin's 2006-07 Game-Worn, Photo Matched
Washington Capitals Jersey 7,050
Bryan Trottier's 1984 Stanley Cup Finals New York Islanders
Game-Worn, Photo Matched Jersey 5,939
1955-56 Maurice Richard Autographed Game-Used
Record-Breaking Goal Stick 5,939
Ray Bourque's 1996-97 Bruins signed Game-Worn Jersey 5,816
Maple Leafs Calendar Collection of 33 Dating Back to 1941 5,749
1967-68 Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup Championship Trophy Presented to Claude Larose 5,677
Martin Brodeur 2006 Olympics Team Canada GW Jersey 5,542
Mark Messier's Autographed Game Used, Photo Matched
New York Rangers Gloves 5,541
Original Orr-Walton Sports Camp Sign 5,399
Rare 1972 Canada-Russia Series Player of the Game Ring
Presented to Alan Eagleson 5,171
1960s Color Hockey Negative Collection of 340 5,163
Rod Langway's 1978-79 Canadiens Stanley Cup Trophy 5,162
Claude Larose's 1970-71Canadiens Stanley Cup Trophy 5,161
Dave Keon's 1976 WHA Fighting Saints Game Worn Jersey 5,029
Mike Bossy's 1981 Canada Cup GW Team Canada Jersey 4,935
Joe Daley's 1978-79 Winnipeg Avco Cup Ring 4,731
Ron Francis' 2002-03 Carolina Hurricanes Game-Worn
Autographed Jersey 4,588
1990's Hockey Hall of Fame Gold Ring 4,550
Bobby Orr's Early-1970s Game Used Victoriaville Stick 4,535
Claude Larose's 1964-65 Canadiens Stanley Cup Trophy 4,425
Steve Shutt's Circa 1978 Canadiens Autographed GW Jersey 4,407
Important Olympic & Other Coin Collection 4,348
1997-98 Red Wings Stanley Cup Championship Gold Ring 4,301
1972-73 Canadiens Stanley Cup Trophy Presented to Larose 4,265
1972-73 WHA Ottawa Mike Boland Game-Worn Jersey 4,265
Mike Bossy's For the Love of Hockey Player's Edition Signature
Series Book 4,156
Mike Modano's 1992-93 North Stars Game-Worn Jersey 4,071
Dino Ciccarelli's Circa 1987 North Stars Game Worn Jersey 4,071
1977-78 Cleveland Barons Rick Hampton Game Worn Jersey 4,056
Miniature Bobby Orr 1971-72 Conn Smythe Trophy 4,056
1976-77 Louie Levasseur Red WHA Minnesota GW Jersey 4,056
1974-75 WHA Michigan Stags Alain Caron Game Worn Jersey 4,056
Rod Langway's Autographed 1995-96 IHL Spiders GW Jersey 3,949
Jaromir Jagr's 1993-94 Penguins Autographed
Game Worn Photo Matched Jersey 3,942
Billy Harris' Toronto Maple Leafs Stanley Cup Gold Ring 3,785
1973-74 Gavin Kirk WHA Toronto Toros Game Worn Jersey 3,688
Dany Heatley 2006 Olympics Team Canada Game Worn Jersey 3,681
1996-97 Red Wings Stanley Cup Championship Gold Ring 3,554
Bob Gainey's 1981 Canada Cup GW Team Canada Jersey 3,352
Darryl Sittler's Game Worn 1983 NHL All-Star Game Jersey 3,352
Miniature Bobby Orr Hart Memorial Trophy 3,352
Late-1960s O-Pee-Chee Card Collection with Inserts 3,314
1888 Stanley of Preston Handwritten and Signed Letter 3,267
1980's Edmonton Oilers Locker Room Stall Gretzky 3,263
Rare Circa 1972 CCCP Sweater Collection of 2 3,148
Alan Eagleson's Original Hockey Hall of Fame Gold Ring 3,102
Dan Bolduc's 1976 Canada Cup Team USA Game-Worn Jersey 3,048
Brad Park's 1985-86 Red Wings (Last) Game-Worn Jersey 3,048
Camille Henry's 1955-56 Providence Calder Cup Gold Ring 2,938
Dominik Hasek's 2000-01 Game Worn Buffalo Sabres Jersey 2,900
Joe Sakic's 2003-04 Colorado Playoffs game-worn
Milestone Goal Jersey 2,815
Alan Eagleson's 1976 Canada Cup Championship Trophy 2,771
Jerome Iginla 2006 Olympics Team Canada GW Jersey 2,748
Ed Belfour's 1992-93 Black Hawks Autographed GW Jersey 2,589
1980's Michel Lefevre Game Worn Goalie Mask 2,586
Luc Robitaille's Late-1980s Kings Autographed GW Jersey 2,584
Joe Sakic 2006 Olympics Team Canada GW Jersey 2,580
Gordie Howe's Game Worn Red Wings Jersey from the
Last Game at Detroit's Olympia 2,580
Alan Eagleson's 1972 Canada-Russia Series Omega Watch 2,580
Wayne Gretzky 1988-89 Game Used Titan Stick 2,555
1954-55 Topps Complete 60-Card Set 2,542
Joe Thornton 2006 Olympics Team Canada Game Worn Jersey 2,514
Keith Tkachuk's 1994-95 Winnipeg Jets signed GW Jersey 2,454
1980-81 Lanny McDonald Colorado Rockies GW Jersey 2,454
Deceased Hall-of-Famer Autograph Collection of 25 2,451
Joe Daley's 1977-78 Winnipeg Jets Avco Cup Trophy 2,373
Russian Nesting Dolls Presented to Team Canada Players 2,346
Miniature Bobby Orr Calder Memorial Trophy Presented 2,290
Miniature Bobby Orr James Norris Memorial Trophy 2,290
Rare Cabinet Photo of Lord Stanley 2,290
Rick Nash 2006 Olympics Team Canada Game Worn Jersey 2,286
1983 Wayne Gretzky Oilers Jersey by Nike 2,218
Roberto Luongo 2006 Olympics Team Canada GW Jersey 2,179
Eric Lindros' 1991 Canada Cup GW Team Canada Jersey 2,170

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