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'Miracle on Ice' Jersey Brings $104,328

It's not just baseball and basketball jerseys that sell big at auction. A hockey jersey – from the fabled "Miracle on Ice" contest in the 1980 Olympics sold for $104,328 at auction in Canada.

The Miracle On Ice game in the 1980 Winter Olympics is still one of the most storied moments in sports history. In a contest that happened 32 years ago, the U.s. shocked the world by beat the Russians in hockey in Lake Placid, N.Y.


Memorabilia from that historic event gets top dollar, although it's usually reserved for team-signed photos and the like, with few artifacts from the game itself ever sold to the public.

Well, the public got its first crack at a game-used jersey from that game, as Ken Morrow, a four-time Stanley Cup winner with the New York Islanders and defenseman on the gold medal-winning American squad in 1980, sold the jersey through Classic Auctions in Canada for $104,328, inclusive of the 19.5 percent buyer's premium.

This was the first Miracle On Ice jersey to be offered at auction. In September 2010, the gold medal from Mark Wells sold for $310,000.