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Memory Lane to appear in July 22 episode of HBO's

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This Sunday, the hit HBO show "Entourage" will feature a live auction scene, which will portray some of the characters in pursuit of sports memorabilia. Memory Lane Inc. was hired to run the episode's auction and used some of the California-based auction house's staff as featured extras.

"It was an unbelievable experience for all of us who participated in the filming of it," said Memory Lane president, JP Cohen. "I think it's very good for the hobby and shows the public how a live auction typically works."
According to Roger Cameron of Memory Lane, this television spot is huge for the industry.

"It's a hot show with a good demographic," said Cameron "To get exposure for the hobby of collecting sports memorabilia to millions of people in one shot, in one positive format, it's huge. This show is not just good for Memory Lane, this is good for SCD, it's good for PSA, it's good for anybody who's associated with the hobby.

"This is going to present the hobby as a neat, cool mainstream thing to do. We're thinking the light is going to be shined on collecting in a positive fashion."

Memory Lane specializes in high-grade vintage sports cards and memorabilia. Its website can be found at
The premier airing of this episode will be at 10 p.m., EST on HBO.

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