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Mastro Auctions Sale Tops $13.1 Million and Breaks

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Mastro Auctions has the process of conducting one successful auction after another down to a fine art - now more than ever. That's because the auction powerhouse has just recently completed its inaugural fine arts sale in conjunction with one of its Premier auction events. Committed to a strategy of expansion coupled with the application of expertise, knowledge and excellent customer service, Mastro Auctions sees the foray into the fine arts market as the first of many such endeavors.

"Based on the performance of the items in our first fine arts sale, we have already secured enough high-quality material and additional bidder encouragement to conduct a second one in August 2006," said Doug Allen, president of Mastro Auctions. "We are also already reaping the fruits of our new comics division which collectors can also expect to experience in August 2006."

According to Allen, one of the objectives of expanding Mastro Auctions' reach into new collecting markets is to provide more options for its growing base of customers and widen its overall collecting audience. "Cross over collecting from one genre to another continues to gain momentum," said Allen. "As a customer-driven company, we respond to what our customers want. If we can provide increased opportunities that our customers and other markets respond to in the manner that's expected from Mastro Auctions, we will explore them."

Allen says the ability to add new collecting specialties is a result of the company's proven auction process. "The operating principles and strategies that have made us the premier Sports and Americana auction house will serve us, and our customers, well as we move into new collecting markets," said Allen.

And while Mastro Auctions ventures into new collecting venues, sports collectibles remain its heart and soul, a fact that was aptly reflected in the April auction results. As the recognized leader in high end sports cards, Mastro Auctions' April sale was filled with top level cards and an assortment of unopened material from famed collector Larry Fritsch that attracted considerable bidding attention. An assortment of bats from Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ted Williams and other baseball legends were definitive hits. Rare baseball jerseys and uniforms from Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio and Roberto Clemente commanded top auction dollars. Also notable were prices realized for items from several memorabilia collections including those of baseball players George "Shotgun" Shuba and Jim Turner. In addition, the 1977 Kentucky Derby "Jockey Cup" of Jean Cruguet made a final bidding run that finished in spectacular fashion.

Mastro Auctions' Americana division continued to attract both high-end items and increased market attention. A huge assortment of material including U.S. presidential signatures/documents, political collectibles, items representative of historical figures, and Hollywood and rock and roll collectibles, proved extremely popular and generated considerable bidding activity.

"Mastro Auctions' Americana division has reached the point where it has become a major component of our core business," said Allen. "In just a few short years, the quality and quantity of the items we offer and the number of new bidders secured, has increased exponentially with each auction conducted."

Allen expects this trend to continue confirming that Mastro Auctions has already secured what he defines as "phenomenal Americana items" for the August premier auction. "The Holy Grail in Hollywood collectibles is a notable Oscar and we'll be offering one of those," reveals Allen. Also among the offerings will be a significant and original Lucille Ball item and other entertainment related treasures. "The interest in these items will be unprecedented," predicts Allen. "Our April auction is the start of what promises to be an exciting year for both Mastro Auctions and the overall collecting public."

Specific auction results from Mastro's April Auction are detailed in the following:


Mint Condition 1933/34 R319 Goudey #106 Napoleon Lajoie - PSA MINT 9
Without question, this is one of the rarest and most coveted baseball cards in the hobby. There isn't a copy like it graded higher. The final price was $141,281.00.

1911 T205 Gold Border Near Master Set (216/220) - 6th Current Finest on PSA Set Registry
When words such as "finest", "best", and "only" are attached to baseball cards usually so to is an equally impressive price tag. This set was no exception. It commanded $128,145.00.

Lou Gehrig 1933 H&B Small Signature Game Used Bat - MEARS A-9.5
This 35-1/4", 36-oz. bat was brandished during the absolute pinnacle of Gehrig's career. The bat originates from the estate of legendary Polo Grounds and Yankee Stadium public address announcer George Levy. It sold for $120,878.00.

Babe Ruth 1918 Game Used Bat, Vault Marked R2 - His First Professional Model Bat!
Turned in 1918--prior to his infamous, "curse-launching" sale to the New York Yankees--this white ash hitting relic represents all that was right with Babe Ruth. The legendary piece of lumber sold for $116,229.00.

1910 T210 Old Mill Cigarettes Joe Jackson Rookie Card - PSA EX 5
Over 600 subjects are depicted in this issue. But the Joe Jackson card stands alone for rarity, value and desirability. The privilege of ownership cost $109,639.00.

Joe DiMaggio 1933-1935 San Francisco Seals Signed Game Worn Jersey - MEARS A-9
Joe DiMaggio wore this jersey during his 1933 season with the Pacific Coast League's San Francisco Seals. During that season, DiMaggio achieved a 61-game run that included at least 1 safety per game. The jersey realized a final price of $104,418.00.

1919 T213 Coupon Cigarettes Type 3 Complete Set (70) Plus Overprint Variations (7)
The severely limited distribution of all Coupon editions ranks them as one of the greater challenges for the modern hobbyist. Even the most passionate collector will spend years acquiring them one card at a time. That's why this set warranted a selling price of $96,713.00.

1916 M101-5 "Sporting News" PSA Graded Near Set (198/200)
The offering of this near set provided a rare opportunity to capture one of the finest assemblies of M101-5 Sporting News ever assembled. The cards went for $90,199.00.

1916 M101-5 "Sporting News" #151 Babe Ruth Rookie Card - PSA NM-MT 8
This collectible represents one of the peak achievements in all of card collecting. Owning a Babe Ruth rookie is often a lifelong hobby pursuit. But for one fortunate collector, the dream is now a reality. The card sold for $85,904.00.

1954 Topps Unopened Five-Cent Wax Box (36 Packs) - GAI NM+ 7.5
This is the only fully intact 1954 Topps Baseball wax box that has been professionally documented. This 8-1/2" x 4" x 2-1/2" showpiece carries the image of Ted Williams on its lid. It sold for $75.775.00.

1977 Kentucky Derby "Jockey Cup" of Jean Cruguet
This sterling silver cup was presented to Cruguet upon his trip to the winner's circle at Churchill Downs after riding Seattle Slew to victory in the 103rd Kentucky Derby. The cup commanded $74,205.00.

Spectacular 1962 Topps Complete PSA-Graded Master Set (611) - #2 on the PSA Set Registry!
With just one exception, each card in this 597-member set has been graded NM-MT 8 or MINT 9 by PSA. With just one set like it graded higher by PSA, this is as close to perfect as one can get. The set went for $72,166.00.

1909-11 T206 White Border Near Set (519)
T206 "White Borders," the classic tobacco inserts, are the most immediately recognizable and widely collected cards in our industry. This near set went for $72,166.00.

1888-89 Joseph Hall (N338-2 S.F. Hess) New York Giants Cabinets (18)
Advanced 19th century collectors will instantly recognize that the images used are the exact same as those found in the extremely rare N338-2 S.F. Hess set, right down to the oval that frames the player's portrait. The collection commanded $70,365.00.

1952 Topps High Grade Near Set (376/407)
The '52 Topps set is among the most popular and coveted of all baseball card issues. The price for the nostalgia encapsulated in this near set was $62,338.00.


The Hobby's Finest PSA Graded 1933/34 R136 National Chicle "Sky Birds" Complete Set (108)
This set's high condition places it at the "1st All-Time Finest" position on the PSA Set Registry. As a result, it sold for $38,706.00.

The Finest 1965 Topps Test "King Kong" PSA-Graded Complete Set (55)
This essentially MINT condition set is a one-of-a-kind offering of seldom-seen test issue pieces, and it is one that will likely never be duplicated. The cards depicting America's favorite ape went for $37,741.00.

1867 Seated Liberty Dollar With Motto NGC PROOF 67* Cameo
The familiar "In God We Trust" motto was used on the Liberty Seated Dollar from 1866 until production of Silver Dollars was discontinued by an act of Congress in 1873. Many of this design were subsequently melted. Only a small fraction of the total production has survived. Today, this dollar is valued at $32,816.00.

Exceptionally Rare 1824 Declaration of Independence on Paper from the
W. J. Stone Plate
The plate was commissioned in 1820 by Secretary of State John Quincy Adams to produce official "copies" of our nation's most important document. Two hundred copies were printed on parchment. This one was later printed on paper from the plate originally used for the copies. It went for $32,816.00.

Historic and Content-Driven Mid-1870's "Woman Suffrage" Letter Archive with Susan B. Anthony (9), Elizabeth Cady Stanton (2), and Amelia Bloomer (2) - (15 Letters Total)
This lot represents a time capsule full of intriguing detail and insight into the women's suffrage movement in the United States. The substantial archive sold for $32,435.00.

Pope Benedict XVI Single Signed Baseball
Talk about a heavenly rookie year signature! This OML (Selig) ball displays a snow-white tone as well as bold Rawlings and MLB logos. The baseball sold for $26,805.00.

Enormous Rock & Roll Record Signed Collection (1,455)
There's a lot of history and a lot of music packed into this incredible collection. Over 1,000 signed album covers from the industry's greatest make up this assembly. The lot rocked for $22,660.00.

Extremely Rare FULL Signature of Declaration Signer Thomas Lynch
Thomas Lynch's signature is highly prized because of his role in history, and because of its rarity. In 1775, while Lynch was serving in the Revolutionary War in America, a severe illness left him a semi-invalid. In 1779, during a voyage to the West Indies, Lynch and his wife were lost at sea. Lynch's signature is the second rarest among all Declaration signers. It sold for $21,300.00.

1903 Morgan Dollar NGC PF68
The Morgan Dollar is probably the most collected and studied U.S. coin series. Produced from 1878 through 1904, and then again in 1921, almost everyone has seen or had a Morgan Dollar at one time or another. This one caught the eye of one collector for $19,861.00.


1927 "Grim Lairs" Oil on Canvas by John Fabian Carlson
Born in Sweden, John F. Carlson immigrated to the United States with his family at a young age. The Carlsons settled in Buffalo, New York--the state that would forever capture the artist's heart. The snowy motif for which Carlson gained renown is evident in this harmonious, poetic painting which is one of Carlson's largest. It went for $59,562.00.

Circa 1920's "Red Barns in Spring" Oil on Canvas by Ernest Lawson
Ernest Lawson's impressionistic scenes of New York City and the Hudson River Valley have reached as much as a quarter of a million dollars at auction in the past twenty years. Snow scenes are perhaps the benchmark of Lawson's oeuvre, and this vernal landscape, "Red Barns in Spring," contains the vestiges of a late-winter snowfall. The painting commanded $32,816.00.

Spellbinding "Renault with Female Bathers" Oil on Canvas by de Bruyne
Dexter Brown, known by the pseudonym "de Bruyne," was born in London, England, in 1942. Official recognition of his work began in 1967, when the Monte Carlo Gallery, of Alexandria, VA, gave him a solo show, followed shortly by another show for the Thackeray Gallery of London, England. After enjoying many years of international recognition, Dexter Brown departed from his normal style of illustrative painting, and, as "de Bruyne," started painting scenes very much in the style of the 1910's Edwardian era. This painting is one such example. It had a final price of $28,353.00.

Monumental 1917 "The Clyde Line's S. S. Apache" Oil on Canvas by Antonio N.G. Jacobsen
Antonio Jacobsen was perhaps the most prolific of all the maritime artists of the 19th and 20th centuries. He passed his spare time sketching the various ships that sailed around lower Manhattan Island. His ability was noticed by various sea captains, ship owners and sailing ship lines, who started commissioning him to paint their sea craft. This huge, superb painting, rendered in 1917, pictures the Clyde Line steamship S.S. Apache just off of the Florida coast. It sold for $27,119.00.

1924 R. Lalique "Daphne" Statue
There is no other name that looms larger in decorative glass than Rene Lalique. This 1924 R. Lalique "Daphne" Statue is the tallest and arguably, the most attractive piece in the artist's extraordinary range of architectural statues made as elements for a fountain. The statue was featured as the centerpiece for the Paris Exposition of 1925. The final price was $24,654.00.

"Woman Cotton Picker" Oil on Board by William Aiken Walker
Born in Charleston, South Carolina, William Aiken Walker felt the pull of the Deep South at an early age and spent long periods of his adult years in New Orleans. He was a populist painter, interested in everyday scenes of African Americans on rural farms, in cotton fields, and at their homes. This depiction of his favorite subject realized a final price of $24,616.00.



The George "Shotgun" Shuba Collection
Sometimes it is the simplest of gestures that leave the most lasting legacies. Such is the case with George "Shotgun" Shuba. On April 18, 1946, Jackie Robinson homered in his debut with the Montreal Royals at Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City. As Robinson touched the plate, his teammate, George "Shotgun" Shuba met him with a handshake setting the tone that would help break baseball's color barrier. Shuba, also credited with the first NL World Series pinch-hit homer, auctioned off personal items in Mastro Auctions' April sale. Key lots included:

"Shotgun" Shuba's 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers World Championship ring with original display box sold for $56,671.00; Shuba's 1952 Brooklyn Dodgers game worn complete uniform went for $9,391.00; the first National League World Series pinch hit home run ball commanded $8,536.00; Shuba's World Series game issued bats from 1952, 1953 and 1955 went for $8,348.00; Shuba's 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers National League Championship ring sold for $7,054.00; a 1953 Pee Wee Reese H&B signed game used bat used by Shuba to hit 1st NL pinch hit home run in World Series history sold for $5,096.00; and Shuba's personal World Series black bats from 1952, 1953 and 1955 went for $4,281.00.

The Jim Turner Collection
In 1937, at the age of 33, Jim Turner made his major league baseball-pitching debut. In 1938, he was named to the All-Star team. He spent a total of 51 consecutive years in professional baseball including his minor league and coaching gigs. His long-term career produced a variety of great sports collectibles, some of which were auctioned off in Mastro Auctions' April sale. Highlights included:

A rare Jim Turner 1939 Boston Bees complete game worn home uniform with cap went for $37,741.00; Dorothy and Jackie Turner's personal autograph books commanded $32,435.00; a 1958 World Champion New York Yankees team signed baseball realized $31,716.00; a 1951 World Champion New York Yankees team signed baseball sold for $22,152.00; a massive collection of equipment, signatures and memorabilia went for $21,300.00; a 1938 National League and American League All-Stars George Burke signed photograph display went for $21,300.00; Jim Turner's 1940 Cincinnati Reds complete game worn home uniform with cap sold for $19,364.00; Jim Turner's 1953 New York Yankees World Championship ring with original display box went for $18,055.00; and a 1953 World Champion New York Yankees team signed baseball commanded $16,642.00.

Graded Cards and Sets
A 1934 Goudey #61 Lou Gehrig, PSA MINT 9 baseball card went for $56,671.00; a 1915 E145-2 Cracker Jack #103 Joe Jackson, PSA NM-MT 8 went for $51,519.00; a 1952 Topps complete PSA graded Master Set with Red and Black Backs, Sain and Page variations (489) sold for $48,048.00; a 1911 T3 Turkey Red #27 Christy Mathewson, PSA EX-MT 6 commanded $43,172.00; a 1960 Topps PSA graded complete set (572) commanded $42,576.00; a 1933 R319 Goudey PSA-graded complete set (240) including #106 Napoleon Lajoie went for $36,099.00; a 1951 Bowman "Low Numbers" PSA NM-MT 8 collection (217 different) sold for $35,187.00; a 1955 Topps #164 Roberto Clemente rookie card, PSA MINT 9 sold for $35,187.00; a 1954 Bowman #66 Ted Williams, PSA MINT 9 sold for $35,187.00; and a 1911 T201 Mecca Double Folders SGC-graded complete set (50) went for $32,088.00.

In addition, a Gem Mint 1948 Bowman #6 Yogi Berra rookie card, PSA GEM MT 10 went for $31,987.00; a 1951 Bowman #305 Willie Mays rookie card, GAI Mint 9 sold for $31,987.00; a 1914 E224 Texas Tommy Type 1 Honus Wagner, PSA VG-EX 4 commanded $28,832.00; a 1933/34 R319 Goudey #106 Napoleon Lajoie, SGC 60 EX 5 went for $28,353.00; a 1903 E107 Breisch-Williams - Type 1 Cy Young, PSA VG3 sold for $28,353.00; an immaculate collection of high grade 1934 R320 Goudey "High Numbers" (11 different) sold for $28,353.00; a 1916 M101-5 Sporting News #151 Babe Ruth rookie card, PSA EX-MT 6 commanded $25,775.00; a 1914 T222 Fatima completely graded partial set (42/52) including 5 Hall of Famers went for $25,775.00; a 1911 T3 Turkey Red #9 Ty Cobb, PSA EX 5 sold for $25,775.00; a 1933 Goudey #230 Carl Hubbell, PSA MINT 9 went for $24,369.00; a 1952 Berk Ross high grade complete set (72) - DiMaggio, Robinson and Mays all graded PSA MINT 9 realized $23,431.00; a pristine 1970 Topps PSA MINT 9 partial set (595/720) went for $23,431.00; a 1959 Topps high grade complete set (572) sold for $22,660.00; a 1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle rookie card, PSA EX 5 commanded $22,152.00; a 1934 Goudey #27 Luke Appling, SGC 96 MINT 9 realized a final price of $21,916.00; an extremely rare 1916 D303 "Mothers' Bread" collection (14 different) went for $21,916.00; a 1911-14 D304 Brunners Bread/General Baking collection (24 different) sold for $21,660.00; a Gem Mint 1933 Goudey #203 Lonnie Warneke, PSA GEM MT 10 sold for $20,138.00; a 1909 T204 Ramly Jesse Burkett, PSA NM-MT 8 went for $20,599.00; a 1915 E106 American Caramel SGC-graded near set (43/48) commanded $19,923.00; a 1934 Goudey high grade collection (8) sold for $18,307.00; a 1909-11 T206 White Border Ty Cobb Portrait Green Background, PSA NM 7 went for $18,307.00; a 1953 Bowman color high grade complete set (160) sold for $17,603.00; a 1952 Topps PSA NM-MT 8 "High Numbers" collection (11) sold for $16,642.00; a 1934 Goudey #73 Ed Wells, PSA MINT 9 realized $16,465.00; a 1954 Topps PSA MINT 9 collection (9) went for $16,273.00; a 1937 O-Pee-Chee #118 Joe DiMaggio, PSA NM-MT 8 sold for $16,002.00; and a 1910 E93 Standard Caramel PSA-graded complete set (30) went for $14,067.00.

Ungraded Cards and Partially Graded or Ungraded Sets
A 1911 L1 large leather tobacco premium #127 Ty Cobb went for $46,835.00; a 1953 Topps high grade complete set (274) sold for $46,835.00; a 1958 Topps high grade complete set (494) plus Yellow Letter Variations (29), Contest Card and Felt Emblem Card went for $37,741.00; a 1952 Topps complete Master Set with Red and Black Backs, Sain and Page variations (489) sold for $31,987.00; a 1902-11 W600 "Sporting Life" Cabinet Jesse Burkett sold for $31,716.00; a 1957 Topps high grade complete set (407) plus checklists (2), contest cards (4) and Lucky Penny insert went for $31,189.00; a 1962 Topps high grade complete set (598) plus Buhl and Tasby variations and a complete set of "Green Tint" variations (88) commanded $28,353.00; a 1911-1916 T216 "Kotton Cigarettes" collection (97 different) sold for $22,660.00; a 1950 Bowman high grade complete set (252) sold for $22,152.00; a 1957 Topps high grade complete set (407) sold for $20,138.00; a 1953 Bowman color high grade complete set (160) sold for $17,603.00; a 1958 Topps high grade complete set (494) went for $17,022.00; a 1934 R320 Goudey complete set (96) commanded $16,642.00; and a 1949 Bowman complete set (240) realized $15,128.00.

Wax Wonders
A 1954 Topps baseball five-cent display box with 11 high-grade packs sold for $25,775.00; a mint 1952 Topps unopened five-cent wax pack went for $8,536.00; a 1972 Topps baseball 6th series wax box commanded $4,710.00; and a 1954 Topps baseball high grade unopened five-cent wax pack went for $3,892.00.

A significant Babe Ruth 1917-1919 era H&B game used bat, MEARS A-6.5 went for $46,835.00; a Jimmie Foxx 1926-1931 H&B game used bat, MEARS A-8 sold for $42,576.00; a Rogers Hornsby 1921-1931 H&B game used bat, MEARS A-8 went for $25,775.00; a Mel Ott 1945 game used H&B bat MEARS A-8 commanded $21,847.00; a Ted Williams 1939-1942 H&B rookie era game used bat, MEARS A-8 realized a final price of $18,055.00; a rare circa 1910 Frank Chance Spalding professional hand turned bat, MEARS A-8 sold for $16,002.00; an Ernie Banks 1953-1960 H&B game used bat, MEARS A-10 sold for $13,606.00; a Roger Maris 1961 H&B game used bat, MEARS A-7 went for $10,928.00; and a Roberto Clemente 1965-1968 H&B game used bat, MEARS A-7 sold for $10,330.00.

A 1953 Ty Cobb single signed ball - the finest in existence sold for $51,519.00; a Honus Wagner single signed ball went for $13,753.00; a 1926 New York Yankees A.L. Champions team signed ball with Ruth, Gehrig and Huggins went for $13,753.00; a Babe Ruth single signed ball commanded $11,244.00; a Jackie Robinson single signed ball commanded $11,112.00; a 1928 Philadelphia Athletics team signed ball with Ty Cobb appearing twice went for $11,112.00; a signed baseball with Ruth, Gehrig, Speaker and Cobb sold for $10,221.00; an exceptional 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers World Champions team signed ball sold for $10,221.00; a 1932 New York Yankees World Champions team signed ball with Ruth and Gehrig went for $9,391.00; and a 1934 Japan Tour signed ball with Ruth and Gehrig realized a final price of $8,733.00.

A 1959 Ted Williams Boston Red Sox game worn home jersey, MEARS A-8 sold for $58,139.00; a circa 1900 Christy Mathewson New York Giants game worn jacket sold for $52,854.00; a Roberto Clemente 1958 Pittsburgh Pirates game worn road jersey, MEARS A-9 sold for $43,679.00; a Roger Maris 1967 St. Louis Cardinals game worn home jersey, MEARS A-9 went for $30,162.00; a rare Elmer Steele 1911 Pittsburgh Pirates team sweater sold for $17,604.00; a Hank Aaron 1974 Atlanta Braves signed game worn home jersey, MEARS A-8 went for $13,225.00; a Ron Santo 1971 Chicago Cubs signed game worn home jersey, MEARS A-10 commanded $10,221.00; a Ted Williams game used bronzed spike sold for $9,183.00; a 1940's Ernie Lombardi Cincinnati Reds game worn warm-up jacket sold for $8,348.00; a Phil Rizzuto 1953 New York Yankees signed game worn road jersey commanded $7,938.00; a Ted Williams 1972 Texas Rangers game worn manager's home jersey, MEARS A-7 sold for $7,760.00; and a rare circa 1870's bib style complete baseball uniform went for $6,412.00.

A 1929 World Series autographed photograph with Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth sold for $41,515.00; a 1924 Christy Mathewson signed check with note from Mrs. Mathewson went for $30,162.00; an autographed 1925 Exhibit Lou Gehrig rookie card sold for $19,364.00; an 1876 Chicago White Stockings stock certificate signed by Spalding and Hulbert went for $18,055.00; a collection of 1938 World Champion New York Yankees individually signed George Burke photos (18) including Gehrig and DiMaggio commanded $14,548.00; a Perez-Steele Hall of Fame postcard hoard (822) with 652 signatures sold for $12,502.00; Hank Aaron's 1954 Milwaukee Braves rookie year signed contract commanded $12,022.00; a 1974 Topps autographed complete set plus variations (718 cards) went for $11,112.00; a collection of 1939 Hall of Fame induction autographs including 10 different inaugural inductees (10) sold for $9,607.00; and a 1922 Christy Mathewson response to an autograph request realized a final price of $8,536.00.

Rocky Colavito's "Outstanding Batting Achievements" Babe Ruth Crown Trophy sold for $37,741.00; a 1924 Walter Johnson statue by Ulric Dunbar went for $32,088.00; Bill Stafford's 1961 New York Yankees World Championship player's ring commanded $25,775.00; an 1894 Pittsburgh Base Ball Club advertising schedule display sold for $20,138.00; a 1912 Boston Garter advertising sign with Eddie Collins and Hal Chase commanded $17,603.00; Ty Cobb's 1908 American League Champion Detroit Tigers pocket watch sold for $14,920.00; a 1998 New York Yankees World Champions ring (Front Office) realized $14,067.00; a hoard of 1930-1973 World Series programs (113 assorted) sold for $12,368.00; and a 1980 Philadelphia Phillies World Series trophy sold for $11,244.00.

A spectacular 1919 Black Sox original team photo featuring all of the "Eight Men Out" sold for $14,067.00; a Babe Ruth original photograph by Charles Conlon commanded $10,102.00; a "Close Play at First" - original 1932 Lou Gehrig photo sold for $7,966.00; and an 1894 Baltimore Orioles original photo with Keeler, McGraw, Jennings and Kelley went for $5,983.00.

A 1933 Goudey "Sport Kings" #3 Nat Holman, PSA NM-MT 8 went for $15,804.00; a 1948 Bowman PSA-graded complete set (72) sold for $14,548.00; a 1961/62 Fleer Basketball PSA NM-MT 8 completely graded set (66) commanded $13,225.00; 1969/70 to 1981/82 Topps complete sets (13) sold for $9,391.00; a Jerry West circa 1973 Los Angeles Lakers signed game worn road jersey sold for $9,391.00; a 1948 Bowman #69 George Mikan rookie card, PSA NM-MT 8 went for $8,536.00; a 1986/87 Fleer Basketball unopened wax box (36) went for $8,536.00; and a Gem Mint 1986/87 Fleer #57 Michael Jordan rookie card, Beckett GEM MINT 9.5 sold for $6,899.00.

A high grade 1911/12 C55 Hockey Players Master Set (45) sold for $32,435.00; a 1966 Topps USA Test Hockey PSA-graded complete set (66) went for $17,900.00; a 1964/65 Topps complete high grade set (110) commanded $14,967.00; a Wayne Gretzky 1981/82 Edmonton Oilers game worn road jersey (record season) went for $14,920.00; a 1960/61 Topps Hockey PSA graded complete set (66) - number one on the PSA Set registry went for $12,368.00; a 1911/12 C55 Hockey Players complete set (45) plus small variation sold for $12,368.00; a 1961/62 Topps Hockey PSA-graded complete set (66) - number one on the PSA set registry went for $10,221.00; and a Mark Messier 1984/85 Edmonton Oilers game worn road jersey sold for $9,031.00.

A 1957 Topps #119 Bart Starr rookie card, PSA MINT 9 sold for $29,171.00; a 1950 Bowman #45 Otto Graham, PSA MINT 9 sold for $26,210.00; Mark Ingram's 1990 New York Giants World Champions Super Bowl XXV player's ring sold for $23,431.00; a 1965 Topps Football PSA-graded complete set (176) sold for $21,300.00; an early 1920's Jim Thorpe game used helmet went for $18,522.00; a 1966 Philadelphia #31 Dick Butkus rookie card, PSA MINT 9 commanded $14,792.00; the ultimate offering of 1930's-2002 Chicago Bears football programs including playoffs and extremely rare NFL Championships (113 Items) sold for $13,225.00; a 1935 R331 National Chicle complete set (36) went for $12,368.00; an incredibly high grade 1937 R343 Mayfair Candies PSA graded complete set (24) commanded $11,364.00; a 1948 Leaf complete set (98) sold for $11,244.00; a 1960's AFL officials uniform with penalty flag sold for $10,604.00; a 1972 Miami Dolphins World Champions Super Bowl VII ring (employee) sold for $10,569.00; 1967 NFL Pro Portraits by Williams Advertising, Inc. (541) went for $10,102.00; and 1948 to 1955 Bowman Football Complete Sets (6) realized a final price of $9,391.00.

A 1948 Leaf Boxing PSA-graded complete set (49) realized a final price of $37,741.00; an 1880's Old Judge and S.F. Hess boxing cards graded collection (14 different) sold for $10,102.00; a boxing champions signed W.B.C. replica belt loaded with 59 signatures (several deceased) including Ali, Frazier, De la Hoya and Duran commanded $4,158.00.

An exceptional 1905 "St. Andrews International Foursome Winners" imperial cabinet photograph signed by Vardon, Braid, Taylor and Herd sold for $10,102.00; the finest 1927 W.A. and A.C. Churchman "Famous Golfers - Small" complete PSA graded set (50) went for $10,102.00; a 1933 Goudey Sport Kings #38 Bobby Jones, PSA NM-MT 8 sold for $8,536.00; and a collection of 1910's to 1930's British Golf Tobacco cards complete and partial sets (14) sold for $7,679.00.


A President Calvin Coolidge single signed baseball sold for $38,829.00; a Dwight D. Eisenhower single signed first pitch ball of 1953 season went for $29,171.00; John F. Kennedy's personal 14K gold presidential cufflinks sold for $12,502.00; a 1962 appointment certificate of Judge Inzer B. Wyatt signed by President John F. Kennedy and Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy sold for $11,625.00; significant 1865 Abraham Lincoln assassination relics including hair and blood-soaked cloth commanded $9,935.00; the definitive collection of autographed White House cards (50 different) went for $9,031.00; an 1862 Abraham Lincoln signed Presidential commission commanded $8,733.00; a locket with George Washington and Alexander Hamilton hair sold for $8,536.00; a George Washington "Society of the Cincinnati" signed document went for $8,210.00; an extremely desirable April 4, 1864 Abraham Lincoln boldly signed Free Frank envelope as President sold for $7,760.00; a 1945 proclamation for a Day of Prayer signed by Harry S. Truman went for $7,589.00; an attractive 1781 General George Washington Free Frank sold for $6,346.00; and an Abraham Lincoln 1862 Free Frank and endorsement as President went for $5,244.00.

An 1876 Hayes/Wheeler campaign flag sold for $17,900.00; an extremely rare early 1800's John Adams Liverpool pitcher went for $13,225.00; an 1840 William Henry Harrison Presidential campaign bandana commanded $13,225.00; an 1860 Lincoln/Hamlin campaign flag went for $13,225.00; an 1864 Lincoln/Johnson campaign flag went for $12,788.00; a giant 1832 Andrew Jackson copper lustre pitcher went for $10,569.00; an 1840 William Henry Harrison "Ohio Farmer" campaign bandana commanded $7,054.00; and an 1884 Blaine/Logan jugate campaign flag realized a final price of $6,346.00.

A collection of 1967 Topps "Wacky Packages" die-cut five-cent wax box, unopened packs (22), wrappers (2) and PSA graded cards (10) went for $19,364.00; a 1938 R69 Gum Inc. "Horrors of War" PSA NM-MT 8 collection (55 different) sold for $18,307.00; a 1938 R69 Gum Inc. "Horrors of War" PSA MINT 9 collection (16) including 13 unique "1 of 1" examples went for $16,642.00; a 1965 Fleer "Hogan's Heroes" unopened wax box commanded $15,128.00; an 1966 Topps "Lost in Space" unopened wax box sold for $13,753.00; a 1962 Topps "Mars Attacks" high grade collection (30 different) went for $13,447.00; a 1962 Topps "Civil War News" unopened ten-cent cello box (36) sold for $12,502.00; a super high grade 1964 Leaf "Munsters" set (72) and stickers set (16) plus wrapper commanded $12,368.00; the world's finest 1932 R114 U.S. Caramel "Presidents" PSA graded complete set (30) minus McKinley went for $12,225.00; a 1947 R773 Goudey "Indian Gum" complete PSA-graded set (96) realized $11,625.00; and an extremely rare 1933 R113 "Popeye Comic Booklets" GAI-graded complete Set (30) sold for $11,244.00.

An immense 1920's through 1970's automotive mascot collection (40) went for $16,642.00; an extraordinary March 2, 1932 Charles Lindbergh signed handwritten note - pleading with reporters to leave his farm on the morning after the Lindbergh baby kidnapping sold for $9,262.00a 1985 "Benz" centennial bronze by Stanley Wanlass sold for $8,210.00; an extremely rare circa 1901 "Goodyear Tires" embossed tin advertising sign realized a final price of $5,963.00; a collection of 1920's to 1940's Captain Eddie Rickenbacker Ephemera (22) went for $5,032.00; and a French dirigible Majolica planter/vase sold for $2,839.00.

An extremely rare Wyatt Earp 1870 signed handwritten "State of Missouri" subpoena went for $17,603.00; an 1846 Robert E. Lee Mexican War-dated four-page handwritten signed letter discussing Santa Anna sold for $12,329.00; a 1978 Pope John Paul I collection (6) including Zucchetto sold for $12,225.00; "The Harry Potter Collection" autographed set of six first edition books went for $8,918.00; a huge 1960's-2000's Time Magazine signed cover collection (350) commanded $7,760.00; a John Dillinger 1933 two-page signed handwritten love letter from prison with mailing envelope went for $7,760.00; a war-dated 1863 ALS from Confederate Major-General Jeb Stuart went for $6,785.00; a 1795 Benedict Arnold signed handwritten letter with initialed postscript - written in exile and referencing "Dangers of War" sold for $6,412.00; and a 1969 "First Men on the Moon" signed Apollo 11 flight crew photo sold for $4,945.00.

An historic June 26, 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill broadside printed in Boston went for $14,940.00; Al Capone's barber chair - a gift from "Machine Gun" Jack McGurn sold for $14,920.00; a spectacular nineteenth-century oil painting of Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans, after John Vanderlyn sold for $11,208.00; "Baby Face" Nelson's personal gun, holster and bullets circa 1934 in framed display sold for $9,391.00; a collection of 19th and early 20th century American parade flags (6) commanded $6,700.00; 1950's-60's architect's blue print stacked storage drawers went for $6,346.00; a glorious 1910's "Women's Political Union" suffrage poster for a one-day event commanded $5,032.00; and a magnificent "Nobel Peace Prize" Teddy Roosevelt oil lamp sold for $4,710.00.

An immense musician, artist, and actor autographed CD collection (2,500+) sold for $14,067.00; a giant signed guitar collection (50+) went for $9,391.00; a Truman Capote and Eleanor Perry 1966-1967 Emmy award for the TV adaptation of "A Christmas Memory" sold for $8,210.00; a unique 1962 Marilyn Monroe lip print and large lock of hair went for $7,464.00; and an incredible 1991 "Seinfeld" script handwritten by Jerry Seinfeld himself (38 pages) commanded $6,785.00.

The ultimate 1939 New York World's Fair original 8" x 10" photos collection (1,040) sold for $6,583.00; a 1939 New York World's Fair large and varied grab-bag collection (355 items) went for $4,710.00; an extremely rare 1939 New York World's Fair Augusta Savage "The Harp" bronze sculpture commanded $4,210.00; a 1939 New York World's Fair souvenir medals, pins, badges and buttons collection (335 items) went for $4,158.00; and a 1901 to 1939 World's Fair pins and badges collection (252 items) sold for $3,780.00.

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Mastro Auctions of Burr Ridge, Ill., is part of the Silkroad Equity family of companies. It is the leading high value collectibles auction company. The company has sold many of the most famous and valuable sports and Americana collectibles ever offered to the public, including the most expensive baseball card in history, the T206 Honus Wagner which sold for nearly $1.3 million, Norman Rockwell's "The Dugout" for $355,000, Roger Maris' 1961 jersey he wore when he hit home run #61 for $302,000, the bus Rosa Parks rode on when she refused to stand for segregation for nearly $500,000 and the famous Steve Bartman Cubs foul ball for over $100,000.