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Mantle/Maris dual-signed bat tops Premier Auction

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Premier Auctions is going to become known as the Mantle/Maris dual-signed bat company at this rate. The company offered another bat from the limited-edition series of Mickey Mantle/Roger Maris dual-signed bats numbered to 115, this one numbered 54 (Mantle's home run in that historic year), with the bat's $10,848 total leading the Premier Auctions Oct. 26 event.

As the Premier auction description stated, "This bat was created as part of a limited-edition run of only 115 bats which was to signify the combined home run totals of both Mantle and Maris during the 1961 season, and rumor has it that not all 115 were signed. ... The bat is a Louisville Slugger A110 model which has been graced by the blue felt tip signatures of the M&M boys. Keep in mind that this bat was signed over 20 years ago and due to the owner's desire to display the item for all to see, the signatures are not quite as vibrant as the day they were signed."

A Tour of Japan signed baseball (pictured at right, top) was next on the top-selling list at $8,138 (all prices include the buyer's premium.) The American team that sailed for two months through Japan, Hawaii, China and the Philippines signed this ball. The 20 signatures included Babe Ruth (ss), Lou Gehrig, Jimmie Foxx, Moe Berg, Earl Averill, Lefty Gomez, Bing Miller and Connie Mack. A PSA/DNA letter of authenticity accompanied the ball.

Next on the list was a strikingly framed Babe Ruth collectible that was centered around a cut signature. It sold for $6,726. It is pictured on the top right of this page.

A Ruth/Gehrig dual-signed ball (pictured at right, bottom) from the day that Ruth hit his 60th home run in 1927 was next on the list at $5,750. It was penned "Presented to Eddie McDonald By Babe Ruth Sept-30-27" and Gehrig penned his signature above the commissioner stamp on the side panel. This was also a PSA/DNA authorized item.

Scanning through the other auction items, a pair of New York Yankees team-signed balls catch the eye. One was from 1955 and the other was from 1977. They each fetched just more than $1,300.

Premier's next auction is Dec. 14. The consignment deadline is past, but you can visit the company at the Chicago Sun-Times show in late November at the Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill., to consign items for a future event. If you can't make it to the show, you can contact the company at (480) 991-8076 or via e-mail at for consignment information.

Premier Auctions
Oct. 26, 2006

Descriptions provided by auction company Total ($)
Roger Maris/Mickey Mantle Signed Bat
Limited Edition #54/115 $10,848
1934 Tour of Japan Team Signed Ball $8,138
Babe Ruth Signed & Framed 40x52 Signature Display $6,726
Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig Sept. 30th 1927
Ruth's 60th HR Signed Ball $5,750
Babe Ruth Signed and Framed 19x34 1930's Check Display $4,479
Lou Gehrig Cut Signature $3,175
Babe Ruth Signed 8x10 1931 Sepia Photo $2,299
Lot of (184) Signed PGA Tour Golf Balls $1,855
Orel Hershiser Signed Game Used 1987 LA Dodgers Jersey $1,807
Jackie Robinson Signed Ball $1,792
Fred Lindstrom Single Signed Ball $1,746
Extremely Rare Original Ping MOD.III Scottsdale Putter $1,673
1974 New York Yankees Team Signed Ball $1,587
Lot of (635) Signed 3x5 Cards $1,533
Wayne Gretzkey Signed Last Game Authentic Jersey $1,479
1975 New York Yankees Team Signed Ball $1,443
Alex Rodriguez Signed & Game Used Bat $1,443
1955 New York Yankees (AL Champs) Team Signed Ball $1,346
1977 NY Yankees (World Champions) Team Signed Ball $1,312
Walter Johnson Signed 5x3 Index Card $1,233
Rogers Hornsby Signed Ball $1,221
Honus Wagner Signed Ball $1,210
Lot of (5) Derek Jeter Signed World Series Balls $1,179
Huge Lot of (165+) HOF/All-Stars Signed Photos $1,179
Walt Disney Signed Oct. 17 1956 Check PSA 9 $1,152
Michael Jordan UDA Signed Official Basketball $1,113
Babe Ruth Signed Ball $1,047
Lot of (42) HOF Signed 3x5 Cards $1,020
Zack Wheat Five Page ALS Written To His Wife $1,009
Bill Foster Matted and Framed 2x4 Cut Signature $985
The Ultimate Brooklyn Dodgers Stars Signed Bat $951
Lot of (56) Signed Gold HOF Postcards $926
2000 New York Yankees (World Champions) Team Signed Ball $917
1969 New York Mets (World Champions) Team Signed Ball $896
Hank Aaron Signed 1954 Topps #128 Rookie Card $896
Triple Crown Winners Signed Ball Upper Deck $833
Ken Griffey Jr. Early Signed & Game Used Bat $833
1923-1973 Original Yankee Stadium Slat Back Single Seat $833
Tiger Woods Upper Deck Signed and Framed 16x20 Photo $814
1998 New York Yankees (World Champions) Team Signed Ball $766
Roberto Clemente Signed 1966 Pittsburgh Pirates Program $758
1955 Brooklyn Dodgers (World Champions) Team Signed Ball $740
1998 NY Yankees (World Champions) Team Signed Bat Steiner $740
Wilt Chamberlain/Willis Reed Signed & Framed 18x24
"The Final Showdown" Photo $740
Lot of (28) Hall Of Fame Signed Balls $732
1992 Toronto Blue Jays (World Champions) Team Signed Ball $727
Barry Bonds Signed #25 SF Giants Jersey $696
1936 New York Giants (NL Champs) Team Signed Ball $673
1976 New York Yankees (AL Champs) Team Signed Ball $673
Albert Pujols/Ichiro Suzuki Signed Ball PSA 9 $632
Mantle/DiMaggio/Williams Signed and Framed 16x31 Display $632
Tony Gwynn Signed & Game Used Bat $627
Ichiro Signed 2001 Seattle Mariners Authentic Jersey $627
Hank Aaron "755 HR 3771 Hits" Signed Ball $618
700 Home Run Club Signed Ball Steiner $611
Incredible Willie Mays #24/24 Limited Edition "Stat" Jersey $611
Pee Wee Reese Signed Brooklyn Dodgers May 29th
1956 Payroll Check $575
Wayne Gretzky Signed 1986-1987 Edmonton Oilers Jersey $575
6000 Base Club inc. Mays/Aaron/Musial Signed Ball $556
"To Dick Best of Luck" Roger Maris Signed 1981 GPC $556
Roger Maris Signed 1961 Topps Card #2 $556
Reggie Jackson 1980's Game Used Bat $556
Nolan Ryan Signed Texas Rangers #34 "Stat" Jersey $556
1989 Oakland A's(World Champions) Team Signed Ball $524
Jackie Robinson's First Major League Game
1947 Brooklyn Dodgers Team Signed Photo $523
Lot of (27) 1933 Goudey Signed Cards $505
1986 NY Giants Super Bowl Champions
Signed & Framed 24x36 Lithograph $505
Lot of (38) HOF/All-Stars Single/Multi-Signed Balls $500
1995 New York Yankees(w/Jeter) Team Signed Ball $497
1973 New York Yankees Team Signed Ball $476
Bob Forsch 1978 First No-Hitter Signed Gateway Cover Rare $471
Derek Jeter Signed Bat Steiner $471
Miguel Cabrera Signed & Game Used 2006 Bat $471
WH (Bill) Terry "HOF 1930 .401" Signed Ball $465
Mickey Mantle Signed Ball $459
Roger Maris Signed GPC $459
Roger Maris Signed 3x5 Card $459
Lot of (34) Signed Gold HOF Postcards $459
1991 American League All-Stars Team Signed Bat $459
500 Home Run Club Signed Cover $454
Bill Russell #6 Signed 1962-63 Mitchell & Ness Auth. Jersey $454
Wally Moses Signed Ball $452
1974 Los Angeles Dodgers(NL Champs) Team Signed Ball $452
1915 World Tour Baseball Program $452
Kirk Gibson World Series Signed 20x30 Canvas Giclee $433
1986 California Angels(Div. Champs) Team Signed Ball $433
Roger Maris Signed 3x5 Card $432
Mickey Mantle Signed Ball $422
McGwire/Sosa Signed Limited Edition Steiner Signed Ball $418
Incredible Reggie Jackson "Stat" Signed Bal l $418
Muhammad Ali Signed 16x20 B&W Photo $418
Charlie Grimm Signed 8x10 1952 Boston Braves
Burke & Brace B&W Photo $411
Mickey Mantle Signed 1967 Topps Card #150 $411
Wayne Comer Seattle Pilots Game Used Bat $411
Lot of (3) 1930-1940 New York World Series Programs $411
1982 Milwaukee Brewers(AL Champs) Team Signed Ball $411
1995 New York Yankees(w/ Jeter) Team Signed Ball $411
1995 Seattle Mariners(Div. Champs w/AROD) Signed Ball $411
Mickey Mantle NO.7 HOF 50th Anniversary Signed Ball $393
Mickey Mantle NO. 7 Signed & Framed 24x18 Print $393
Bill Russell #6 Signed Univ. of San Francisco Jersey $389
Emeka Okafor Signed & Game Used
12/18/04 Charlotte Bobcats Home Jersey $389
Mickey Mantle/Willie Mays Signed 8x10 B&W Photo $384
1952 Topps Mickey Mantle Signed 8x10 Photo Display $384
Joe DiMaggio Signed Ball $380
Satchel Paige "Best Wishes" Signed 10x8 B&W Photo $380
Harry Hooper Signed 8x10 B&W Boston Photo $380
Willie,Mickey & The Duke Signed & Framed 8x10 Print $380
Sandy Koufax/Nolan Ryan/Bob Feller No-Hit Kings Signed Bat $380
Ivan Rodriguez Signed & Game Used Bat $380
Reggie Bush Signed NO Saints Signed Authentic Jersey $380
1983 Baltimore Orioles(World Champions) Team Signed Ball $373
1993 Toronto Blue Jays(World Series Champs) Team Signed Ball $373
Connie Mack Sept 28th 1950 Full Page ALS $366
Vintage Football and Other Sports
Signed Autograph Book W/ 57 Signatures $358
Autographed Golf Ball Collection $358
Joe DiMaggio Signed Ball $348
Autographed Baseball Bat Collection $348
Dizzy Dean Signed Ball $346
Ted Williams Signed Ball $346
500 Home Run Club Signed Ball $346
"Chief" Bender 2x3 Cut Signature $346
1951 NY Giants "Thomson HR" Team Signed 11x14 Photo $346
1968 StL Cardinals & Chicago Cubs Signed Scorecard, Maris $346
Pele Signed Wilson Soccer Ball $346
Lot of (2) Mike Schmidt & Bob Feller Signed Letters $339
Original Comiskey Park Single Stadium Seat $339
1983 All-Stars Signed Ball $339
Ripken Family Signed Ball $339
Ichiro Suzuki Signed 262nd Hit 16x20 Photo $333
Bill Russell "11 Rings HOF 74" Signed Jersey $328
Tiger Woods & Others Signed and Framed 11x18 Poster $325
63 Golf Superstars Autographed Magazines $325
Lot of (11) HOF Single Signed Balls $322
Bill Terry 1932 ALS W/ Original Envelope $316
Lot of (33) Signed 1962 Topps Cards $316
Sandy Koufax Signed Ball $314
500 Home Run Club Signed Ball $314
Rick Monday 1972 Game Worn Chicago Cubs #7 Jersey $314
Bobby Bonds Circa 1971-79 Game Used Bat $314
Lot of (350+) Signed 3x5 Cards $314
Lot of (64) New Fitted Baseball Hats $314
Charlie Grimm's Last Drivers License Signed 6x8 Display $308
Roger Maris Signed 1968 Topps Card #330 $308
Wilt Chamberlain "H.O.F. 78 #13" Signed 20x16 Color Photo $308
Bill Clinton "MyLife" Signed Hardcover Book $308
Sam Snead/Arnold Palmer Signed 1962 Sports $308
Rare Pete Rose w/ Mickey Mantle Reference Inscribed Ball $296
1941 Detroit Tigers Team Signed Ball $295
1951/1952 Detroit Tigers Team Signed Ball $295
Lot of (60) 1958 Topps Signed Cards $295
Barry Bonds Full Name Signed Bat $295
Autographed Golf Trading Card Collection $295
Lot of (36) All-Stars/Stars Single Signed Baseballs $295
Walter Payton Signed & Framed 24x20 Card Display $288
Ted Williams/Bill Terry Signed Ball $286
Lot of (8) Single Signed HOF Balls $286
Lot of (24) Signed 1948 Bowman Cards $286
Lot of (73) NFL HOF Signed 3x5 Cards W/ 24 Deceased $286
Vince Young Signed Tennessee Titans Authentic Jersey $286
Bill Klem Signed 3x4 Card $280
Pete Rose #4356/Bud Harrelson 10-8-73 Fight Signed 16x20 $280
Bobby Bonds "332 HR 461-SB" Signed Bat $280
Alice Cooper Signed Guitar $280
1994 All-Stars Team Signed Ball $280
1992 AL All-Stars Team Signed Ball $280
1993 Philadelphia Phillies(NL Champions) Team Signed Ball $280
1991 All-Stars Team Signed Ball $280
1995 Boston Red Sox(Div. Champs) Team Signed Ball $280
Mark McGwire 1991 All-Star Game Player Issued Bat $280
1927 New York Giants Season Press Pass $269
Alex Rodriguez "Bronx Bombers" Signed #13 Home Jersey $266
Edwin Lee Mathews "Stat" Signed Ball $262
Ichiro Suzuki Signed 8x10 Photo $262
Lot of (32) Signed 1961 Topps Cards $262
1987 New York Yankees Team Signed Game Used Bat $262
Mickey Mantle 1956 Signed "My Favorite Summer 1956" Book $262
Joe DiMaggio Signed HOF Ball $260
Harmon Clayton Killebrew "Stat" Signed Ball $260
1953 Detroit Tigers Team Signed Ball $260
Sandy Koufax Signed 8x10 Photo $260
Lot of (23) Signed 1956 Brooklyn Dodgers & NY Giants Signed Cards $260
Reggie Bush "5" Signed USC Signed Jersey $260
Bill Dickey Signed Ball $254

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