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Lidle "in memoriam" card included in 2006 Topps Up

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The card of Cory Lidle that appears in the upcoming Topps Updates and Highlights will feature a notation marking his death. The words, "In Memoriam, 1972-2006" have been added to the front of Lidle's card.


The Yankees pitcher was killed in a plane crash last week. He had already been scheduled to appear in the Updates and Highlights set because of his mid-season trade from Philadelphia to the Yankees and the front of the card pictures him in his Yankees uniform. The cards were scheduled to be printed on Friday, so Topps officials decided to add the notation.

"Once we realized we had time to change his card, we believed it was the right thing to do," said Topps manger of public relations Clay Luraschi.

The set ships the week of Nov. 6.