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Legendary Icons Series to Debut in Legendary Auction November Catalog

Adam Port is recreating some of the most memorable sports photos of all time featuring legendary icons. His work will first be offered in Legendary Auctions' November catalog auction.

Ruth. Gehrig. Ali. Jordan. Gretzky. Mantle.

Every sport has its pinnacle figures. Every sport has its immortal trailblazers who transcend time and terrain, who reign supreme for soaring to heights never dreamed possible . . . and then never surpassed.

Over the next year, Adam Port – a artist whose dazzling true-to-life portraits have drawn lofty comparisons to Chuck Close's influential photorealism – will transform reality by recreating the single most iconic images of history's greatest sports legends.


Port's exclusive "Legendary Icons Series" will kick off in Legendary Auctions' November 2012 Catalog Auction and culminate at Legendary's prestigious August 2013 Live Auction, held in Chicago during the week of the 33rd Annual National Sports Collectors Convention.

Each large, meticulously detailed, breathtakingly accurate artwork will be created using Port's perfected technique of acrylic paint and colored pencil, with the entire process documented through photography and videography.

"We couldn't be more pleased about partnering with such an exceptional talent as Adam Port," said Legendary Auctions CEO Doug Allen. "With the mix of classic and modern icons, as well as the contrast between yesterday's black-and-white images and today's full-color ones, the Legendary Icons Series is a perfect fit for Port's unique style. Art collectors and sports fans alike will simply be blown away by the precision of his lifelike paintings. In fact, this promises to be one of the most exciting original sports art projects in recent memory."

Since emerging on the New York art scene in 2000, Port has evolved from a young phenom into one of the nation's leading sports and entertainment artists. His clientele includes fine-art collectors; influential entities like the NBA, Basketball Hall of Fame and Elvis Presley Enterprises; and celebrities like Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony and Ray Lewis. Port's portfolio can be seen at