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"Drum" Backed Tobacco Cards Among Legendary Auctions' Top Draws

Legendary Auctions, fresh off it news that it takes over for Mastro Auctions, revealed some of its best lots in its April sale – like a find of T205 and T206 Tobacco cards with the "Drum" branded advertising on the back.
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Legendary Auctions, which just took over the assets of Mastro Auctions, said it just secured a recent find of T205 and T206 tobbaco cards that feature "Drum" advertising on the card backs. Bidders can start acquiring these cards in the company's April auction, which starts April 20 and closes April 29-30.

"In over 20 years of collecting and selling, I've handled tens of thousands of T205 and T206 cards," said Doug Allen, president and CEO of Legendary Auctions. "But this is the greatest quantity of 'Drum' backs that has ever been seen in one place."

There are eight different T205s and 41 different T206s, all with the "Drum" advertising.

"I was floored," Allen said. "When you consider that this find nearly tripled the amount of 'Drum' T205s and almost equaled the confirmed, existing total of 'Drum' T206s, the importance of this group becomes obvious."

For more information on the cards and the upcoming auction, call 708-889-9380. The company's website is still under construction.

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