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Impressive Game-Used Jerseys Slated for Fall Sale

Another bonanza selection of game-used jerseys is set to enter the market with the second part of the Delbert Mickel Estate Collection offered this fall, courtesy of SCP Auctions. Mays, Musial, Aaron among the selections.

The first round from the Delbert Mickel Estate Collection was offered earlier this year by SCP Auctions, with impressive results. Now game-used jersey collectors will have another crack at an impressive lineup of Hall of Famers and other player equipment.

SCP Auctions will offer the Part 2 of the Delbert Mickel Estate Collection in a sale that runs Nov. 19-Dec. 6 in its Fall Premier Auction. Mickel was a curator of one of the finest personal collections of game-worn baseball jerseys in the world. Driven by his unbridled love for the game itself, Delbert’s interest in acquiring the finest quality baseball jerseys from some of the game’s greatest legends, preceded the evolution of the modern, large-scale memorabilia market by decades.

Upcoming highlights include:

  • 1967 Willie Mays Autographed San Francisco Giants Game Worn Road Jersey and Matching Autographed Pants
  • 1946 Stan Musial Autographed St. Louis Cardinals (World Championship, MVP Season) Game Worn Road Jersey
  • 1966 Brooks Robinson Baltimore Orioles (World Championship Season) Game Worn Home Jersey (MEARS A9)
  • 1968-69 Hank Aaron Autographed Atlanta Braves Game Worn Road Jersey
  • 1967 Pete Rose Autographed Cincinnati Reds (Rare One Year Style) Game Worn Home Jersey
  • 1969 Don Drysdale Autographed Los Angeles Dodgers (Final Season) Game Worn Road Jersey
  • 1985 Nolan Ryan Autographed Houston Astros Game Worn Home Jersey
  • 1967 Richie Allen Autographed Philadelphia Phillies Game Worn Home Jersey
  • 1998 Derek Jeter Autographed New York Yankees Game Worn Road Jersey
  • 1963 Johnny Weekly Houston Colt .45's Game Worn Home Jersey
  • 2008 Clayton Kershaw Los Angeles Dodgers (Rookie Season) Game Worn Road Jersey
  • 1960 Marv Throneberry Kansas City Athletics Game Worn Road Jersey
  • 1950 Stan Musial Autographed Adirondack Professional Model Game Used Bat (MEARS A9.5)
  • 1943 Denny Galehouse St. Louis Browns Game Worn Home Jersey
  • 1950's Duke Snider Autographed Brooklyn Dodgers Game Used Equipment Bag
  • 1950's Stan Musial St. Louis Cardinals Game Used Equipment Bag
  • 1942 Harry Walker St. Louis Cardinals (World Championship Season) Game Worn Home Jersey
  • 2009 Clayton Kershaw Los Angeles Dodgers Game Worn Home Jersey
  • 1957 John Roseboro Brooklyn Dodgers (Last Season in Brooklyn) Game Worn Home Jersey

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