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High-Grade Topps Sets Offered by LOTG Auctions

Two beautiful Topps sets will help usher in the next Love of the Game Auctions sale. The company will offer the No. 1 set on the PSA Set Registry for the 1964 Topps Football set and the No. 14-rated set for 1967 Topps Baseball.

In preparation for its Summer Auction, Love of the Game Auctions is pleased to announce two extraordinarily high-grade Topps sets that will be included in the sale.

The 1964 Topps Football set ranks No. 1 on PSA’s Current Finest list with a GPA of 8.28. The extraordinary set has been registered with PSA for more than a decade, and has been the No. 1 set on the registry for eight of those years. With no cards graded lower than PSA NM-MT 8, the set (175 cards plus a checklist) includes an astounding 41 cards graded Mint 9 and 26 cards that are the highest-graded examples possible.

1964 Topps Alworth LOTG

“The owner of the set has worked on it for years, constantly upgrading and improving cards,” said Auction Director Al Crisafulli. “Even when he could upgrade his card by replacing a weaker 8 with a stronger example in the same grade, he would. We were shocked when he told us he was ready to sell the set, because it’s been his ‘baby’ for years. But none of us get to keep our cards forever, and he’s decided it’s time to pursue something different.”

One of the most attractive football sets ever produced, the 1964 Topps issue features a bold, full-color image of each subject, set against a colorful background surrounded by small stars. The set, plagued by miscutting and centering issues, is very difficult to obtain in higher grades. Loaded with tough short prints and HOFers, 1964 Topps football is a challenge, and a set of this magnitude coming to market is virtually unheard of.

1964 Topps Lamonica LOTG

The 1967 Topps Baseball set is of equally astounding quality, ranking No. 14 on PSA’s Current Finest list with a GPA of 8.21. The 609-card set contains no card graded under PSA NM-MT 8, with an astonishing 120 cards graded Mint 9.

“What’s more astounding about this set than the technical grades of the cards is the unbelievable eye appeal,” explained Crisafulli. “The set was assembled by a graphic designer with an incredible eye for sharp contrast and rich color, and an intolerance for poor centering. The result is a degree of perfectionism that is rarely seen in this hobby – every single card was hand-selected, scrutinized by a collector with a keen eye.”

1967 Topps Seaver LOTG

Chock full of Hall of Famers and rookie cards, the 1967 Topps set is considered by many collectors to be the most beautiful 1960s Topps issue. Featuring large, bold player photography and a simple, utilitarian design, the set remains one of Topps’ most popular and enduring issues. Featuring high number rookie cards of Hall of Famers Tom Seaver and Rod Carew, a gorgeous late-career card of Mickey Mantle, and a difficult run of high numbers, the 1967 Topps set is one of the most widely collected of all the postwar Topps issues, but still challenging to assemble in high grade.

“Both of these sets are extraordinary, and very difficult to assemble in this condition,” explained Crisafulli. “Building sets of this caliber – not only in these grades, but with such scrutiny and attention to detail – would take an incredible amount of time and patience. Now, collectors have the opportunity to acquire the sets complete. It’s an amazing gift from the two original collectors.”

Love of the Game’s summer auction is slated to run through August, closing on Saturday, Aug. 24. Select material from the auction will be available for preview in the company’s booth (No. 309) at the National Sports Collectors Convention from July 31-August 4.