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Goodwin's Old Judges and postwar blazers

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From Old Judges and one Ol’ Perfessor to blazing Goudeys, Bowmans and 1950s and 1960s Topps cards, Bill Goodwin seems to have a knack for turning up both the rare turn-of-the-century stuff and some of the most coveted postwar material in eye-catching shape.

For Goodwin’s next auction, ending Aug. 16, that means a T210 1910 Old Mill Cigarettes Casey Stengel rookie card in SGC 60, a seldom-seen specimen that warrants a $2,500 opening.
Lou Gehrig bats cleanup in the minimum bid department though, with a 1933 Goudey in PSA 9 starting at $18,500, and a 1934 Goudey in the same grade that opens at $19,500. One of the hobby’s legendary rarities, the 1933 Goudey Nap Lajoie, this time in GAI 6.5, carries a $9,500 opening.

Joe DiMaggio weighs in with a 1941 Play Ball in PSA 8 ($4,800) and a 1939 Play Ball in GAI 8 ($1,750); contemporary Ted Williams is also represented from the same colorful set, and in matching condition ($3,000), plus Williams gets showcased in Play Balls from the two previous years (1939, GAI 7.5 – $1,500 and 1940, GAI 9 – $9,500). Ruth gets a swing with a high-grade single-signed ball ($6,000) and an autographed 8-by-10 photo ($2,500) in an iconic image, plus a 1922 Neilson’s Chocolate Type II (PSA 4 – $750) and a 1922 E121 American Caramel in PSA 3 ($400).

There are almost three dozen Old Judges and a similar number of T206s, including the Sherry Magie and Ray Demmitt rarities, several Cy Young (Glove Shows), a 1911 T205 Gold Border Ty Cobb in GAI 7 ($6,995), plus dozens of E90-1s, Standard Caramels and Philadelphia Caramels.

A sterling cabinet card lineup includes Old Judges of Cap Anson ($3,500) and Jack Rowe ($1,000), plus W600 Sporting Life cabinets of Honus Wagner, Mike Donlin, Hughie Jennings and Harry Steinfeldt. Wagner also turns up in an 1910 E-93 Standard Caramel ($750) and in a 1914 Cracker Jack ($950).

Several hundred lots of postwar gems includes nearly a dozen 1948-50 Bowman superstars in GAI 9 holders, a stunning 1953 Bowman Color Stan Musial in PSA 9 ($2,800), eight other 1953 Bowman Color stars in high-grade (plus group lots) and a spectacular assortment of high-grade 1953 Topps, including PSA 8s of Willie Mays ($3,500), Satchel Paige ($1,000), Yogi Berra and Roy Campanella, and PSA 7s of Jackie Robinson and Mickey Mantle ($1,800).

As is the case in any Goodwin & Co. auction, The Mick gets royal treatment with a 1954 Red Heart in GAI 8.5 ($1,800), a 1954 and 1955 Bowmans in GAI 8.5 ($1,500 and $1,085), plus high-grade specimens from Topps issues from 1956, 1963, 1969 (plus the White Letter variation). Ted Williams scores with a 1951 Bowman in PSA 9 ($4,800); Sandy Koufax boasts a PSA 9.5 from 1958 Topps ($2,000), plus there are GAI 9s of Hank Aaron ($2,500), Roberto Clemente ($1,995) and Don Drysdale ($1,000) from the same colorful set.

Goodwin continues his offering of sparkling Red Man Tobacco cards from a find last year, plus there is a boatload of pristine 1952 and 1953 Topps commons, unopened packs, autograph cuts and tough regionals and Topps test issues from the 1960s.

The 72-page, full-color Goodwin & Co. auction catalog will be inserted with next week’s issue of SCD (Aug. 19). For more information, call (314) 849-9798 or go to

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