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Goodwin's Feb. 15 auction boasts Masterpieces, Unc

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Hobbyists who focus on 19th-century collectibles are already licking their chops over Goodwin & Co.'s Feb. 15 Masterpieces and Uncommon Commons auction that features an 1870 Gihon Athletic Philadelphia baseball team photograph with A.J. Reach.


Besides Reach, the historic team composite pictures many of baseball's early pioneers, including Harry Schafer, Dickie McBride, Count Sensenderfer, George Bechtel, Tom Pratt, Fergy Malone, John Radcliff, Tom Berry and Wes Fisler. It carries a minimum bid of $3,000.

"Reach was the first professional baseball player," Bill Goodwin said. "He was paid $25 a week and later he went on to become a millionaire when he partnered with Spalding and got a patent for a cork-centered baseball."
The auction, which features more than 800 lots, showcases 500 lots of prewar cards, complete sets of E93, E98, T201 and near complete sets of T205 and T206.

Ty Cobb and Clark Griffith headline the Turkey Red cards in the auction. The Cobb is graded SGC 5 and has a minimum bid of $4,800, while the Griffith card is graded SGC 7 and has a minimum bid of $1,800.


"It's a great auction for someone to start the new year with building a new set," Goodwin said. "You can do it graded or ungraded. There are a lot of nice starter sets and there are sets you can buy and upgrade, too. This is a really neat collectors' auction more so than the investor, even though there is plenty for the investor."

Meanwhile, the 1902-11 W600 Sporting Life cards are led by an Elmer Flick SGC 7 (minimum bid of $1,000), Walter Clarkson SGC 7, Fielder Jones SGC 7 and Charles Phillippe SGC 7 (each minimum bid of $700).
Other top items in the auction include:

Cabinets: 1911 M110 Sporting Life Cabinet Christy Mathewson, 19th-century Cabinet Frederick Thayer, 1911 T5 Pinkerton Cabinet No. 301 Fred Luderus and 1888-89 Old Judge Cabinet N173 Tom Brown SGC 5.


1909-13 M101-2 Sporting News Supplement collection (96 different): Nearly a complete set, there are only four supplements missing. The Joe Jackson, Ty Cobb-HonusWagner and Cobb are available as separate lots with minimum bids of $1,000, $500 and $200, respectively.

Sets: The auction boasts 20 different Topps and Bowman complete sets from the 1950s and 1960s.

Singles: There are more than 100 Topps and Bowman superstars, including Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays and Hank Aaron - graded PSA 9.

For more details, see the catalog that is included with this issue of SCD. Collectors may also visit the company's website at or call (314) 849-9798.

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