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Gibbs-Conner find provides plenty of variety

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Inside the Park Collectibles will be holding its 2006 Summer Extravaganza Sports Memorabilia auction with a variety of never-before-seen figures being touted in the sale that concludes on Aug. 25. There will be 150 quality lots with their usual heavy emphasis on figural display items and Co-partner John Trincellito believes this is one of the finest auctions the company has produced in nearly 15 years of operation.


"We have assembled some incredible items and we are anxious to see the response from our customer base," Trincellito said. "We have taken our small niche in the hobby and helped make figural collecting mainstream. We are adding new collectors seemingly everyday."

There are many highlights to ITPC's Summer Auction. It starts out with a number of lots from their Gibbs-Conner Estate find. Some of the items are a full-sized Pittsburgh Pirates Mascot cookie jar, several Mascot Major League Baseball and NFL banks and two magnificent banks from the 1955 World Series. There will also be several Stanford Pottery pieces, including an extremely rare mid-sized Braves statue.

 ITPC obtained some very rare Baltimore Colts items that revolve around their 1959 champioship season. A 1959 large-sized presentation plate tops the list. This plate was given to Hall-of-Fame coach Weeb Ewbank by the Colts Fan Club to honor that season. It was originally obtained from Ewbank's estate and is most likely a one-of-a-kind item. Other Colts items include rare pieces from the 1959 China set. There is a cup and saucer, a sugar bowl and a creamer. Each piece contains the Colts logo and has facsimile autographs of the team members emblazoned on them.

As always, ITPC will have an large selection of hard-to-find vintage bobbing heads that includes dolls from both the sport and non-sport categories. Baseball dolls include the highly sought-after Roberto Clemente doll as well as rare Black-face dolls, including the Yankees and the Mets.

There are also several mid-'60s Dodger "Weirdo Dolls" and some rare variations from the "Mini" series. There will also be some very desirable football dolls highlighted by several Black-face dolls, including the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers. They are also offering several early AFL dolls as well as NFL Kissing Pairs and "Toes-Up" series dolls.


Serious bobbing head collectors may be most intrigued by the selection of non-sport dolls. Within this category, ITPC will be auctioning an extremely rare Dick Tracy doll (fewer than 10 known examples), political gems such as Mao Tse Tung and Kruschev and a hard-to-find Speedy Gonzales doll from the Warner Brothers cartoon series.

The auction continues with Fred Kail figurines, Hartland and Rittgers Statues, Carter-Hoffman wood-carved mascots, college football decanters and much more.

Bidding is already underway and all the items can be viewd at ITPC's website at: The auction will be featured in a two-page color advertisement in the Aug. 25 issue of SCD. For more information contact ITPC at 516-747-7932 or via e-mail at