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Game-used goalie masks score in Classic Collectibl

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The recently completed Classic Collectibles-Que auction (March 28) featured more than 500 total lots, including the Jacques Plante Collection, and some of the rarest game-used hockey masks. In addition, collectors also searched through lots of jerseys, sticks, rings, trophies and vintage equipment.

Without a doubt, the Plante Collection lots were extremely popular with collectors, with 28 of the 53 lots from the collection selling for $1,000 or more. The highest selling item from the Plante Collection was Plante's 1958-59 Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup Championship ring, which received 21 bids, and sold for $19,459. Only slightly behind, was Plante's 1960s game-worn mask, which received 14 bids, and sold for $18,987.

Rings and trophies made up the majority of the other items selling for more than $1,000. Items selling for at least $3,000 included: Plante's Hockey Hall of Fame gold ring ($7,040); a 1955-56 Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup Championship gold ring ($6,484); the Jacques Plante Foundation Vezina lookalike 33-inch trophy ($5,990); Plante's 1968-69 St. Louis Blues Championship gold ring ($5,701); a 1968-69 Jacques Plante 13-inch Vezina trophy ($5,406); a gold ring presented to Plante to commemorate five consecutive Stanley Cup Championships ($4,362); a 1955-56 Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup 13-inch Championship trophy ($4,279); a 1958-59 Vezina Trophy plaque presented to Plante ($3,850); a 1956-57 Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup 13-inch Championship trophy ($3,738); a 1957-58 Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup 13-inch Championship trophy ($3,536); a 1952-53 Montreal Canadiens 13-inch Stanley Cup Championship trophy ($3,410); and a 1955-56 Jacques Plante 13-inch Vezina Trophy ($3,138).

As popular as the Plante Collection was, it was several game-worn hockey masks that stole the attention of collectors. Without a doubt, the most famous mask offered in the auction was the Gerry Cheevers' autographed "Stiches" mask (photo at left). The mask received 16 bids, and sold for $21,405. A Bernie Parent 1972-73 game-worn WHA Philadelphia Blazers mask received 17 bids and sold for $12,500. Also topping $10,000, was a Doug Favell 1970s Colorado Rockies game-worn mask, which received 22 bids and sold for $10,248.

Other game-worn masks that were popular with collectors included: Chico Resch's 1970s New York Islanders mask ($9,743); Gary Bromley's Vancouver Canucks Skull mask ($8,550); Chico Resch's 1980s New Jersey Devils mask ($7,320); John Garrett's 1980s Vancouver Canucks mask ($6,555); Michel Dion's 1980s Pittsburgh Penguins mask ($6,555); Dominik Hasek's 1990s Buffalo Sabres Cooper mask ($6,430); John Davidson's New York Rangers mask ($6,050); Mike Liut's 1980s St. Louis Blues mask ($5,565); Giles Meloche's 1970s Cleveland Barons mask ($5,513); Gary Kurt's 1970s Phoenix Roadrunners autographed mask ($5,104); and Michel "Bunny" Larocque's 1980s Philadelphia Flyers mask ($5,000).

By far, the most sought after jersey in the entire auction was a Ken Dryden jersey that was game-used in the 1972-73 Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup playoffs. This was the first time one of these jerseys had come up in auction, resulting in 19 bids and selling for $32,854.

Other top selling game-used jerseys included: Guy Lafleur's 1975-76 Montreal Canadiens jersey ($18,447); Bobby Hull's 1979-80 Hartford Whalers ($10,091); Dave Schultz's 1975-76 Philadelphia Flyers jersey ($7,502); a 1960s Toronto Maple Leafs No. 22 wool jersey ($7,210); Jim Craig's 1980 Team USA jersey ($6,895); Bill McKenzie's 1975-76 Kansas City Scouts jersey ($6,050); Serge Savard's circa 1973 Montreal Canadiens jersey ($5,894); and a signed Mike Bossy's Islanders jersey ($5,500).

One final lot that gathered a lot of interest was Al Ruelle's Boston Bruins photograph collection of approximately 50,000 pieces. Ruelle was the official photographer for the Bruins from the 1960s to the 1990s. This lot contained Ruelle's complete collection of photos, negatives and slides. The lot sold for an amazing $37,978.

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